Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cyperspace Penpal

I've spent weeks, no months, thinking about making my own blog. I've spent those same months reading about other people's lives on their blogs, and wondering why I'm not doing for myself. And now I’m here, I can’t quite work out what I’m going to write about. I'm also a bit techie phobic and worried about being too stupid to understand what to do!

It's a bit primary school, but I’ve come over all embarrassed about what anyone might think about what I say. Either I write privately (in a diary, in a notebook, or even in a word doc) or I write here and I don’t care what anyone thinks. What I’m writing is for me, but I have to wonder 'why am I doing it publicly?'

Perhaps it's because I’ve enjoyed the blogs that I read regularly so I feel I should write one myself. I often write long emails home (I live in Bangkok, but am English) to friends and family, and maybe sometimes I wonder if it would be nice to write vaguely about life, what I’ve done, and what I think to a cyberspace penpal, rather than to an actual person. I like that, that’s what I’m doing: that way it doesn't much matter if anyone looks at this or not.


BEAST said...

Welcome to Cyberspace Teabag. Don't be embarrassed or freaked out by the technology. Just have fun

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