Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I know it’s wrong to have favourites.

It’s not right and proper because of how it makes the non-preferred feel but also there’s that nagging voice inside my head, the teensy weensy taunt that makes me feel guilty for 'favouriting' someone. I don’t like it.

So, for today only, I make no apologies for having a favourite ‘follower.’

My most recent follower is Simon.

Simon and I thought we met via Husband at the tailors in Bangkok where he and another colleague from London were having suits made during a week’s business trip. But after a couple of hours, several large gin and tonics (mine) and beers (Simon’s) I asked him a totally random question about his past. It was that voice again - it had been talking to my subconscious …It knew something I didn’t. Eventually my conscious caught up and it was true and I remembered him: some fifteen years earlier I had been working where Simon had been a student…

Anyway, that's not why Simon is today's favourite follower. He had a visitor in London last week, a colleague of Husband’s from Thailand. The colleague returned to the Bangkok office yesterday and sent an email to Husband, who forwarded it to me, which said: 'Simon passed me 2 packs of Tea from London for you. I have placed them on your desk.'

YAY. Thank you, Simon.

Tomorrow I shall like all my followers equally.


Carol said...

Yay for Simon!! That was a lovely thing for him to do...you are forgiven for liking him best :-)

C x

HelenMHunt said...

At least we all know the way to your heart now.

Simon said...

You're very welcome J. I'll make sure that I sherpa more over there in much larger quantities on my next visit. None of that brew in the mug rubbish either I recall?.. and perhaps some more marmite?

ChrisH said...

I laughed at Helen's comment! How do we worship you? Let us count the teabags... oh, and I see that Simon is upping the game with offers of Marmite too. He's a one, isn't he?

JJ Beattie said...

Carol, wasn't it and thank you for forgiving the favouritism!

Helen,oh my! Did you not realise how very, very cheap I am?

Simon, well, actually, I do brew them in a mug *hangs head in shame* but I am planning to start using my new 'More Tea Vicar' pot from now on... Marmite would touch Husband's heart (go on, I dare you...)

Chris, yup, me too. He's a one indeed.