Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bangkok Literary Festival details

On Sunday the 22nd May 2011 the Neilson Hays Library is hosting Bangkok’s first literary festival.

There are some fabulous speakers coming:
World famous chefs – Ken Hom (My Kitchen Table) and David Thompson (Thai Street Food.)
Novelists Christopher G Moore (Vincent Calvado Private Eye series and Editor of Bangkok Noir), John Burdett (Bangkok Eight) and Stephen Leather (Private Dancer.)
Philip Cornwell Smith, Editor of Time Out and author of Very Thai (possibly my all time favourite book about Thailand) will be in attendance talking about trends in Thailand.

And if that’s not enough, you can listen to:
Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit (The Tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen) talking about the craft of translation;
Nic Dunlop (Lost Executioner);
Sandy Dodd and Jennifer Baccon (literacy promoters);
Tom Vater (Sacred Skin);
Ruth Heald (short story writer);
Janice Santikarn (Little Blue Tuk Tuk).

In addition to this the library are running six workshops related to books, writing and story telling.

1.    Breaking Through
Photographer Gavin Gough and writer and coach Paul Sochaczewski will teach how to write and photograph a personal story for publication.

2.    Writing from the Unconscious Mind
Anette Pollner’s workshop will trigger your creativity and access the unconscious process.

3.    Make Your Own Handmade Book
Kate Macdonald will show you how to make your own silk bound book.

4.    The Art of Story-Telling
Artist and Actor Louise Truslow will share her secrets on how to make stories engaging.

5.    Writing Stories, a Workshop for Children
Janice Santikarn will inspire children with the joy of writing stories.

6.    One to One critique service
Submit your work for a critical review by author Bonnie Sauder.

Click here for more information or to book any of the workshops. 


Debs Carr said...

What an exciting line-up, I'm sure it's going to be great fun and a huge success.

Queenie said...

Sounds fab, wish I could go.

Sue Guiney said...

What a lot of work's been done to put this together. Sounds great! Would have loved to have been there. maybe next time.....

Flowerpot said...

That looks amazing JJ - how much can you cram in?!

Paul Salvette said...

Thank you for the information, and I can't wait to go. My 6 year-old won't have as much fun as the computer game expo in January, but hopefully it will be less of a madhouse.