Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How To Satisfy Your Woman

Today is my wedding anniversary; Husband and I have been married for twenty years. (How the hell did that happen?)

I’m going to leave you with an anecdote. Apt? Possibly.

My advice to anyone looking for specific books in the English Language bookshops in Bangkok is to ask. Their shelving confuses me. Their decisions about genre, and therefore where a book ought to be, are quite different from mine. It used to lead to frustration; now, after a swift check where I think it should be, I ask and they locate it. (99% of the time they DO locate it, so clearly they understand their system which is the main thing.)

But I’m a great browser too and I can often be found checking out the aisles on how to make a better version of me. I live in constant hope that ‘how to’ books will make me a better writer/cook/knitter/parent/whichever skill I am currently desiring.

I must have been in such an aisle when I spotted these two books, side by side:

*How to Satisfy Your Woman
*Household Hints and Tips


Mary Mary said...

Okay, this totally made me laugh! What a way to shelve the books. Happy anniversary!

Bernadette said...

Congratulations on the 20 years!

Clearly, you and husband don't need either of those books :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Missus, congratulations! Love the blog, I can just imagine - Kinokunya or Asia Books...!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me, will try again with the account! Jane x

Queenie said...

Happy anniversary to you both xxx

Jenny Beattie said...

Mary Mary, thank you. It made me laugh too. The staff are all wonderful at these bookshops and are very happy to run off and get the books for us.

Bernadette, thank you and no we don't!

Thanks Jane. In this case it was Asia Books.

Queenie, thank you.

BEAST said...

Ok, I know you were too shy to ask, so I picked up both books for me. Seems like a perfectly logical pairing. So off to study hard (fnar fnar), I also noticed that the next one in the row was "I'm OK! Your Wife's OK?", I'll get that one next week.

sheepish said...

Hi glad to see you back and with your sense of humour in tact. Blogging seems to have been something of a dying art this summer. Now I am trying to get back into the groove aswell. So when you have a minute pop over and say Hi. Glad to hear the book is going well, not sure I can say the same about mine!!

Flowerpot said...

A very happy anniversary JJ - and I love the logic of the book shelving! xx

Jenny Beattie said...

Beast, I'm expecting to see a huge improvement on household tips then?

Sheepish, thank you. I'm sorry to hear your book is going well (isn't going at all?) It's a constant struggle, isn't it? I will pop over shortly.

Flowerpot, thank you.