Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cat babies: Squeeeee

This is Mummy cat having a little snooze after kitten number two of five. She gave birth yesterday on her own first birthday.

She chose her birthing area herself: an upmarket shopping bag full of wool. The balls had to be removed so the kittens didn't get entangled. She had five babies at half hour intervals.

And I'll tell you another thing, she was serene and purred the whole way through, so in my next life please... I want to come back as a cat.

Can't see what that little black blob is? Here's a (blurry) close up:


Debs Carr said...


Such a clever cat.

a touch of Grace said...

That wonderful!!! Congrats to you, and your furry mom, and all of her 5 babes.
Yup, I think I'll come back as a cat too:)

Jenny Beattie said...

Debs, she's lovely... thank you.

A touch of Grace, welcome and thank you.

Chris Stovell said...

My first attempt to reply disappeared so I'll try again. Mummy Cat can clearly show us a thing or two! I most definitely didn't purr when giving birth, although I probably growled a lot. And she's so young too! Heehee - those photos have really cheered me up!

Fran said...

She gave birth on her first birthday! Wow! I know she's a cat, but it still sounds a little strange. Congratulations to all of you, cat and all.

D.J. Kirkby said...

OMG that photo is so gorgeous it brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to mummy cat and you all.

Liz said...

Awww! Cat babies!
(Genuine squeal of cuteness made out loud...)