Wednesday, December 05, 2012

No Wed's Window

I'm postponing Wednesday's Windows to show you how I've been spending my time.

I tried to call this activity 'work' at Book Club when I was trying to justify why I hadn't read the book (The Casual Vacancy) but I got sniggered at.

Still, whether it's work or play, it was a mammoth session: a four day, 6am to 10pm job. And while I worked, I 'watched,' (listened to) The House of Eliott; one episode after another. It send me a little, tiny bit mad but kept me going.... and I affectionately retitled it 'The House of Fraser.'

Right so this was for Husband's work Christmas party, theme: Animal Planet. Can you guess what he was?

No, he wasn't Rod Stewart with that bad mullet hairstyle; he was meant to be a lion.... Not sure how successful that was but still... at least now I'm experienced enough to apply for jobs as a carpet maker...

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