Tuesday, March 01, 2011

We're nearly there...

Sue has arrived in Bangkok and her author talk at the Neilson Hays library, is nearly upon us. (It’s Thursday at 2pm – please do come.) Sue’s talk will include readings from her book and stories of her experience volunteering in Cambodia. You can find further information on the talk here.

I’ve turned my thoughts to all the people who have helped put this together.

My friends in the BWG book club who have pledged their help – support to me, encouragement and help during the talk on Thursday with whatever might need doing.

Volunteer women run the Neilson Hays library. They have been full of enthusiasm and excitement about Sue’s talk and I am grateful to them for the use of their beautiful premises. (If you are interested in working with them – please get in touch.)

Peter Robinson at the SET Foundation – the charity that will benefit from the afternoon – has rung around his supporters and publishers and we have around a hundred books to sell. All of these proceeds will benefit SET. Bamboo Sinfonia, Asia Books and Random House have all sent me boxes of books completely and utterly free… in these hard times. I cannot thank them enough.