Monday, April 18, 2011

On stupidity and being married to Jason Bourne

If I feel as though I’ve spent the last month packing, unpacking and repacking my suitcase it’s because I have.

I tried to be all relaxed during my travels, leaving my lap top in Bangkok and only taking my ipad but I wasn’t cool at all – just too stupid to understand how to get the most out of it. If I ever had a period where I kept up with technology (and my family say I did – for about three months back in 2008) it’s gone now; I’m trailing behind all over again.

I spent ten days in England (in five different venues) one week in Bangkok and then a week in Laos (Vientianne and Luang Prabang) for Thai – and Laos – New Year. I was so glad to get back to Bangkok on Saturday evening even if it meant more unpacking. At least this time the suitcase can go away until July.

This last month has been a rollercoaster of emotions too. I gave up writing and started again. Three good friends – those that I’d turn to in a personal crisis – are leaving Bangkok in the next few weeks and months. Husband took Daughter to the airport for a long anticipated trip to see her BF in Australia. On checking-in they were told she couldn’t fly because she had no visa. (She’s British; who knew she’d need a visa?) Husband went to an internet café and managed to get her cleared and she flew but it gave me three long days of palpitations for not checking in the first place… I mean she’s British… Commonwealth countries? No? We’ve had a horrible situation with a charlatan company with VERY DODGY practices that gave me the heebie jeebies for a week. I handed the problem over to Husband while I ran around in small circles weeping and squealing. I'm excellent in a crisis.

But the good news? Well, we thought this weekend was Easter so we spent yesterday eating chocolate. I think we can do that all over again next weekend, right? And Husband is a hero; firstly because of solving AustraliaVisaGate and secondly for saving us $$$ by his calm negotiations with Charlatan Company. He IS Jason Bourne… Oh give the man a break; it’s his birthday today. He IS Jason Bourne.

See you tomorrow.


liz fenwick said...

Happy Birthday to star husband and hugs to you sweetie. Sometimes expat life overwhelms and when friends leave is one of the worst.

Queenie said...

Happy birthday, Beast. I liked your first two films, haven't seen the third one yet but I'm looking forward to the lions. (Bourne Three - geddit?!)

Flowerpot said...

Happy birthday husband - I would find expat life hellish. Good for you!x

Liz said...

Welcome back!
Hope husband has a suitably happy birthday. x

Sue Guiney said...

Happy birthday to your lovely husband, who I can happily say -- having had the pleasure of sharing a meal with him -- really is lovely. And commiserations to you.I know only too well how difficult it is to say goodbye to friends when you live an expat life. Your friends become more than "just" friends, but more like you family. Having them leave is heartbreaking. Sending virtual hugs to you all. xo

Jenny Beattie said...

Liz, thank you. Yes, it's horrible. I hate that bit about being an expat.

Queenie, LOL. Thank you for the laugh lovely.

Flowerpot, thank you. Friends are so important, aren't they? I'm so sad.

Liz, thank you. I think he will. We're going to see Source Code - I am only going because it's that pretty boy Jake Gyllenhall (sp?)

Sue, thank you. It's very tough when friends leave. I wish three didn't have to do it all at the same time. Yes he is lovely so he can be Jason Bourne ALL DAY.

sheepish said...

Glad you're back and sorry you have been having a tough time. Good thing you are married to a superstar. And make sure you keep writing, hard work will pay off in the end just ask Liz Fenwick.

Jenny Beattie said...

Sheepish, you're absolutely right. Difficult times are slightly easier now - thank you.

Wendy L. Trommer said...

Just last night I was wondering what happened to you, having not seen a post in nearly a month. Glad to see you back and writing. I always enjoy reading.

Jenny Beattie said...

Wendy, thank you! I hope I'm back now... we'll see. There wasn't really a reason for my absence other than a drying up of the well!