Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Cats and Cakes

This post was inspired by Helen's memories of Summer 2011 blogpost. Helen's is mostly to do with cake. When I thought about doing a similar thing I realised that food (not so much cake) was a big part of my summer but so were cats. They punctuated my summer. They aren't all here and some pictures (Peanut, I'm looking at you) don't present their best side.

1. Peanut 'helping' sort photographs.
2. I thought I wouldn't get any tomatoes from the greenhouse before I left. I was part of the watering the yard and greenhouse team but there were no ripe toms until THE DAY I LEFT and then I ate all of them.
3. Chickpea or Noodles in Manchester: no idea which one it is.
4. Beetroot, potato salad and green salad with cucumber: all from my Dad's garden/greenhouse. YUM.
5. Custard looks bad tempered here. He's not; he's divine and I love him because he will always come to me for some cat loving. He was actually poorly and taken off to the vets a few days later.
6. Zen or Sephy. No idea which cat is which.
7. It might have been the only cake I had a picture of but it was THE best cake I've ever eaten.
8. Zen and Sephy.
9. HP, 17 years young. This picture was taken in March this year. Two or three weeks after we got back to Bangkok we got the phone call we'd been expecting. RIP HP. He was a proper gentleman cat.
10. Lentil, red pepper and feta salad and whatever else I might have in the fridge. In honour of HK.
11. HK's cat. No idea which one but it came to comfort me when I was a party pooper and in bed with a migraine.
12. Back in Bangkok and I  made tzatziki in honour of my sister and felafels in honour of Leon.


Nuvana said...

such a colourful summer! the cake looks yummy!

HK said...

Gorgeous montage. The little black cat who came to comfort you is TwoStroke (named for her purr) and she is such a nurse, she always sits with sick people - and rarely with anyone else. When I was recovering from an operation a couple of years ago, she was on the sofa with me virtually all day every day. Now she prefers her own space. And she hardly ever comes up on our bed - but she did, a few weeks ago, when I had a fever. She's also a comedian (e.g. puts her head upside-down on the ground as if standing on her head and looks at you upside-down from between her paws, which is hilarious) and a submissive (loves having her bum smacked - yes, honestly). I've never known a cat like her.

liz fenwick said...

Love the cats...and love how you put them together!

Chris Stovell said...

Looks like a good summer to me... especially that cake *serious cake envy now*.

Helen said...

That cake *does* look good...

Jenny Beattie said...

Nuvana, thank you. It is, isn't it? I think food should always be colourful.

HK, TwoStroke is sooooo sweet for coming to keep me company. (Let's skip on past the bum smacking...)

Thanks Liz. I luuurve cats too.

Chris, summer was lovely, the cake was bloody marvellous. ;-D

Helen, it was UN.BEL.IEV.AB.LE. (Makes a note to make it sooooon.)

Flowerpot said...

what a great collection of cakes and cats! Making me hungry now...

Debs Carr said...

So clever. what a fun way to remember your summer.

sheepish said...

Love the idea of a summer photo montage. Must have a look through ours. Any chance of the recipe for that gorgeous looking choc cake?

Jenny Beattie said...

Flowerpot, thank you. Now, go and get something to eat.

Debs, thank you. The idea must go to Helen!

Sheepish, ooh, yes, do montage your summer too. Yes, I will send you the recipe over the weekend!