Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Saturday I fell in love again

Love’s funny, isn’t it? It can just accost you when you least expect it.

I was walking out of the second floor of Times Square (the less famous one) across the skywalk and I happened to glance up. It was as simple as that. It wasn’t that I’d ever fallen out of love with Bangkok but after six years I was beginning to take it for granted.

I stood and grinned. It felt like seeing something for the first time.

It was just a view, nothing particularly special, except that it's my Bangkok. It was something to do with the telegraph poles and the skytrain - so perfectly placed - leading my eye towards the backdrop of the spectacular panorama beyond. In the road below the brake lights of the pink, orange and green taxis shone out in the pre dusk. But I think it was the light that made it magical…

The moment I walked away I knew I should’ve taken a picture. I thought and thought about the view and then I went back on Sunday to try and identify what it was that made my heart palpitate… The light wasn’t quite right and I didn’t feel the same enchantment but at least I was reminded how much I love Bangkok.

This is the view when I went back.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I worry that we will not get to the experience the "real bangkok" like you see because we will more than likely be living out of town in an estate (Nichada Thani).

It is really great that you like it so much over there, I hear so many good things from other expats that it helps me to not worry as much :)

Jenny Beattie said...

TEW, I worry for England. Worry is my middle name. I worried about all the things that you mentioned in your worry post the other day. Telling worriers not to worry doesn't work. Just go with it. Keep talking to your husband and to your new friends – both old and new expats. We remember it well. Keep away from the naysayers.

I'm going to do a post tomorrow about my first year here.

Su said...

I can see why you like it! :)

BEAST said...

Love the post and view. I have exactly the same feelings frequently. My favourite sights 9and smells) are often the most mundane: street food, busy pavements, and office working kneeling before a monk, seeing how something can be so different and yet still work harmoniously.

I am in love too.