Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Today feels like the first day of the week because yesterday in Thailand was a bank holiday. Tomorrow the children are doing Monday at school instead of a Wednesday because they’ve missed more Mondays - due to flooding - than any other day.

I'm confused. Perhaps it’s happened because of my unscheduled month in the UK but I’ve been feeling weird since I got back. I can’t still be jet lagged but I am definitely discombobulated.

Still, in order to draw a veil over my strange feeling and so that Husband doesn’t grumble about my lack of blogging while he’s in the UK, I thought I’d put start blogging the Christmas trees that are appearing around Bangkok.

This tree is outside Siam Discovery. I love their trees because they're often recycled but this year it feels especially right because they look like snowflakes. (There's a close up too so you can see what it's made of. )


Carol said...

Hehehe, love this! (I do miss seeing these random things on a daily basis)


Hope you don't feel discombobulated for too long.

C x

liz fenwick said...

good luck on the weird feelings...and I love that tree!

Jenny Beattie said...

Carol, thanks petal. Yup, this place is full of interesting sights!

Liz, thank you.

Debs Carr said...

How clever!

Hope you're feeling a little better soon.

Anonymous said...

Just for a moment, I thought the snowflake tree was made out of inflated you-know-whats.

{Off to see therapist...}