Thursday, July 02, 2009


Thanks to everyone who sent positive wishes after my odd (and cryptic) post on Monday. The medical procedure wasn’t mine to blog about but I’m glad to say that nothing nasty was found. There is one more test to exclude all other issues.

Being a doctor’s daughter (also a doctor’s sister and doctor’s cousin) I’ve spent my youth surrounded by medical matters. Dinner time conversations were colourful and graphic enough to make many a guest wilt at our table. I’ve always loved medical dramas, and get terribly over-excited when I diagnose before the doctors do. (I specialise in identifying Weil’s Disease, Munchausen’s by proxy and Leukaemia which appear to be favourites in medical soaps.)

My Dad’s speciality was endoscopy. You can, if you are strong of stomach, look here but it might be enough to know that it is looking into the body, in my Dad’s case, through a natural opening, *coughs* using an endoscope, a thin bendy tube with a light source that projects what it sees onto a screen for the doc to diagnose.

But, and maybe no-one’s very good at this, we’re not terribly cool or calm when it comes to our own health. Maybe we know too much.

Anyway, thank you for your thoughts; they really helped.


Unknown said...

Still keeping you in my thoughts.

Carol said...

As am I!!

C x

Chris Stovell said...

Glad the immediately nasties have been ruled out. Hope all continues to be well. Cx

Queenie said...

So glad it went well.

Flowerpot said...

You take care JJ.

Kat W said...

Glad nothing nasty was found. And happy that all the positive messages reached you. Hugs. Kat

Jen said...

What a relief... I just didn't want to ask, just in case. I bet you were glad to be close by XXX

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Glad everything is okay.

I think medical problems are far worse for those who do know about such things. For those more ignorant of such matters, like me, it can be far easier, I think.