Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's in your handbag?

I am writing. Oh yes. So here’s a fun meme that I stole from here.

  1. BK Magazine which I read in Starbucks yesterday. I brought it home (it’s free – I didn’t steal, honest) because it had a couple of articles I wanted to remember.
  2. Tiny moleskin notebook. Can’t leave home without one.
  3. Tissues
  4. Fisherman’s Friends in cherry flavour and sugar free: oh YaY.
  5. My ‘Mummy’ pack in which you will find paracetamol, Rennies, a nail file, some plasters (band aid), a tampon, Migraleve, green cream for mossie bites, lip salve and dental floss. Perhaps there should be a tea bag in there?
  6. Change of battery for my Sony camera – see number 18
  7. My iPhone: this has recently replaced my Blackberry which, after three years of service, finally died.
  8. A couple of notes: the next book club book title and a note from a man in a shop in Phrompong skytrain station telling me where to buy a mannekin (Platinum.)
  9. My tiny Flip video camera.
  10. The most perfect wallet in the world. A discontinued line from Mulberry. Once it was salmon pink now it’s just dirty.
  11. A bag in a bag; a bag for life. Whatever you call them I bought this in Chinatown and I love it.
  12. Aluminium can tin pulls. We save for charity. It's for the bit of the prosthetic limb that attaches to the body.
  13. Passes for school, apartment and BWG.
  14. Lippy. Why? Gawd knows. I hardly ever wear it and when I do this is lip colour. Peer pressure?
  15. Lip salve. Can’t live without it.
  16. Push up pencil. I've searched long and hard and this one is perfect. The lead is .7mm, B and it’s by Faber Castell. I can’t live without it. If you want to borrow it you might have to put down a deposit so I know it'll come back to me.
  17. Skytrain pass, MRT pass, various business and appointment cards.
  18. My Sony camera. I never go anywhere without it.
  19. The bag of the moment is a brown suede bag I bought in Selfridges about eight years ago.

 So back to the writing. Anyone else prepared to show?


Sue Guiney said...

Amazing how fascinating this is. There might even be a short story in it. hmm....I may join in. We'll see :-)

Liz said...

I'm totally stealing this! (Is it stealing? Maybe simply inspiration...)

My bag is a veritable Mary Poppins treasure trove. Last week I opened my bag one morning to discover the ham I'd had in the office fridge to take home. After a night in my handbag it had to go straight in the bin!

Jenny Beattie said...

Sue, I've come across this as one of the things we can ask our characters. Do let me know if it turns into a short story.

Liz, yes let's call it inspiration. Definitely. Brilliant. The ham story is exactly the kind of thing I might have done so cavernous are my normal bags. This brown one is an attempt at not carting around the kitchen sink.

Queenie said...

Ooh. I might. I heard a fab short story, once, written by someone on an Arvon course, which centred on the contents of the Queen's handbag. Very appropriate.

Unknown said...

Amazingly that describes the entire contents of my bag too! only additions are chewing gum, Cigarettes (hence the gum), a yoke shopper and sunglasses.

I am impressed you get a camera in there too!

Abbey X

HelenMWalters said...

Mine would read a bit like this: screwed up piece of paper; old receipt; broken pen; another screwed up piece of paper; painkillers; loose coins; more screwed up paper ... you get the picture.

Jenny Beattie said...

Queenie, oh what a lovely idea for a story.

Abbey, welcome! Yes, I dare say the contents of bags aren't desperately original but sometimes the little things show us up for who we are. Five lipsalves would be one of my dirty little secrets. And I can't go anywhere without a camera!

Helen, lol. Apparently according to a friend on FB I was mean to blog the fluff and the fifty four receipts from Starbucks!

Jen said...

OMG, you are the only person I know in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD who carries a video camera around in their bag. That is sooo swooningly swanky, I'm seriously impressed :)

Susie Vereker said...

How brave. I couldn't possibly share! HelenMHunt's sounds familiar.