Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Photo

Mmmm, yum; stuff.

(In Emporium food market.)


BEAST said...

Awesome. In case you don't want to risk buying and eating STUFF. The thai writting says: Sticky Rice with Red Bean (khao niaow sai tua deang), and Black Sesame Sticky Rice (khao niaow ngaa dam), no mention of deep frying.
I wonder if it tastes different in Thai too.

Jenny Beattie said...

It hadn't occurred to me (Doh) but Shola suggested on FB that it's meant to be deep fried, stuffed with red bean. Well, BLEUGH.

(I could so easily have lured into them with the sesame covering...)

D.J. Kirkby said...

Lol....deep fried stuff? My favourite!

Anonymous said...

Nom Nom Nom