Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Husband has visitors.

I won’t see Husband all week but they brought STUFF to make up for that.

I have, in my sticky mitts, all of Mary Wesley’s books. Plus, in my kitchen, I have TWO boxes of 120 teabags and THREE jars of marmite.

Mary Wesley’s books have been repackaged with gorgeous period feel photographs since I last had them. I much prefer these new ones.


Cathy said...

Ooh, I love those new covers. They are period yet they have a contemporary feel too!


Lane said...

Nice gifts!
Just started reading her biography and wading through all the Lord and Lady So and Sos at the beginning to get to the interesting parts:-)

JJ said...

Cathy, aren't they lovely? I so much prefer them to the water coloury ones of before.

Lane, aren't I lucky? I didn't know if I should warn anyone about the first chapter... it's dull and confusing but clearly you're persevering anyway. Good on you. I'm about to start reading 'Jumping the Queue.'

KAREN said...

Yum to the books, yuk to the Marmite!!

Pat Posner said...

Toast and marmite, cup of tea and a MW book. I can picture you now.


KatW said...

Books, tea and marmite - what a fantastic combination and one that I like to throw together occasionally. That is - when I'm not combining coffee, chocolate & writing OR tea, biscuits and books OR......well you get the picture: I too like hot drinks, yummy food and a good dose of words.

Kat :-)

Flowerpot said...

Funnily enough I'm just re-reading A Sensible Life for the umpteenth time - nothing like a MW book!

HelenMHunt said...

Oh wow! Lucky you. Except for the marmite. Marmite is evil x

ChrisH said...

Oh, I love 'Jumping the Queue' - those covers are wonderful, a great improvement on the limp watercolours.

Caroline said...

My Pay it Forward post is now up. Thanks so much for my gifts!

Marmite is evil, is evil. IS EVIL!

thankyouverymuch x

Carol and Chris said...

I've never even heard of her!! Will need to keep a look out...

C x

Debs said...

Oooh how fabulous, no wonder you were thrilled. I really must read her books. Now I'm off to have some Marmite on toast, I love it.

Jon M said...

Stuff's gotta be better than husband! :-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Those covers are gorgeous - I hadn't realised she'd written so many. And I'm relieved you are stocked up with Marmite - I couldn't live without it! Enjoy. xx

Simon said...

Ah jars of marmite and boxes of tea bags; such a simple price to pay for liberating Husband for the week. If only everything in life were so simple. Thanks for understanding!



(if it's any consolation at least my pool playing has got a LOT better since being here :-)

JJ said...

Karen, Lol to the marmite comment.

Pat, oh yes, that was me. I'm ekeing the Mary Wesley books out. I must not eat all at once!

Kat, oh yes! All of them. Bring 'em on.

FP, Really? How weird is that?

Helen, I'm so excited about reading them. I've read the first one so far.

Chris, I've just finished Jumping the Queue. She really was a woman ahead of her time.

Caroline, YAY. So glad you like it.

Carol, Oh sod it honey. You're too bloody young for the releases FIRST time round! Pah. Go and play with your toys...

Debs, I'm so easily bought, eh?

Jon, oh definitely sometimes. Not always though. Husband's quite nice sometimes too.

Lucy/Sue, they are an improvement aren't they? Do you remember the original ones?

Simon, hello, nice to see you in Cyberspace. (Are you jetlagged still? That's a wicked time to be commenting. I think that might be Husband's making burn the candle at both ends with all that going out.) Oh pool playing; bane of my life.

Thanks for the teabags though... I'm so cheap aren't I?