Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scoff is getting complicated

The first time Daughter went vegetarian she was seven. Her resolve lasted three hours until we served lamb at Sunday lunch.

The second time she was nine. She lasted eighteen months and Chinese food was her downfall.

About eighteen months ago she told us she would be turning vegetarian again on her thirteenth birthday. That was last Tuesday.

Now the thing is, Daughter loves meat (like her father) but she thinks it’s wrong to eat it. I have absolutely no problem with this; she’s always known her own mind and I’m proud of her.

I have two concerns: one is that as a thirteen year old she has enough protein and iron in her diet to compensate for the lack of meat. That one’s okay because it’s up to us to ensure. The second is that I now need to organise meals that can accommodate two rabid meat eaters, one vegetarian and me, who’ll eat both or either happily.

I don’t believe multiple meals should be prepared – but is anyone else catering for the same problem and have you any advice?
Her birthday meal
Phad Thai which we usually eat with meat in but not this time. It usually has tofu in, which would've been good, but not this time!


Carol and Chris said...

Oooohhh that's a tricky one!! I have no idea what the best thing would be.....

C x

JJ said...

Carol, it is huh? It's hard enough deciding one meal to cook each night! *Sigh*

Calistro said...

I went veggie when I was 18 (for about 8 years). My mum never really worried about me getting enough protein or whatnot she'd just make the main family meal and I'd get something out of the freezer!

e.g. If it was a Sunday roast I'd get all the veggies, potatoes etc and then some Linda McCartney sausages whereas the family would get beef or whatever. My gravy would be made from veggie gravy granules and veg stock/water.

At other times, if it was something where the meat was mixed with the veg/pasta etc I'd get a veggie ready meal.

I'm not suggesting you serve your daughter ready meals (I'm not even sure if they're available over there!) but that's what my mum did to save time/make things easier.

Beth is probably a good person to ask as, unlike me, she's still veggie!

A good compromise might be for the family to have a couple of well balanced veggie meals per week (you all eat them) and you provide an easy alternative for daughter for the other meals.

Angie said...

Sounds tricky. How'd you manage the first time she lasted?
I'm confused, why no tofu for her Phad Thai this time? (Mmm, Phad Thai sounds yummy!)

Natalie said...

Make sure that she is on a B-12 suppliment. My neurologist says that B-12 is critical to brain development and maintenance...You can't get enough of it from a regular vegetarian diet. A lack of B-12 has been linked to de-mylenation of the nervous system.

JJ Beattie said...

Thanks Natalie, I'll look into that.