Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear PG Tips

JJ Beattie

Dear PG Tips

I just opened one of your boxes of teabags. The box, which had travelled from the UK to me in Thailand, was undamaged.

Imagine my horror, however, when I discovered that not one, but two teabags had spilled their tea leaf guts all over their compatriots inside the carton. There were tea leaf entrails everywhere… I had to take all the teabags out, tend to them individually so that they weren’t harbouring their loved ones innards in their little pyramid® crevices. (See illustration one.)

As though this wasn’t disturbing enough, imagine my shock when, on sorting through the debris of this horrible atrocity, I noticed this anomaly: a baby teabag (see illustration two). I note your pride in the ‘ingeniously designed pyramid® bag’ which ‘gives the tea more room to move’ but what about this little fella? What if he can’t ‘free the delicious taste’?

Not only am I traumatised by the images I encountered but I’m horrified that I have been short changed to the tune of at least three mugs of tea.

Yours in anticipation

JJ Beattie


Queenie said...

Ah, so you're feeling better, then. Excellent news!

Angie said...

Oh, JJ, that is so sad and terrifying (and loverly and very funny)! I do hope they respond with a full box replacement for your trouble and trauma. :)

(p.s. my verification is 'painarv'...related?)

Carol said...

I am despairing of you....I just want you to know that!!

Glad your feeling better

C x

Debs said...

I wonder how that happened! I'll bet the tea tasted good though.

Fia said...

There is a hotline you can ring if you've been 'fected by this traumatic event. I'll email it to you.

Flowerpot said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJ Beattie said...

Queenie, a little bit. Thanks.

Angie, Husband says I should send them the link. (Yes, the painarv was in my head again!)

Carol, are despairing of me or for me? I fear it is the first one... and yes, I think I already knew.

Debs, I had to have several cups to get over the trauma.

Fia, YES! See comment to Angie above!

Flowerpot, I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChrisH said...

Trouble in Teabag Town, eh?

HelenMHunt said...

That is a truly tragic tea tale.

uphilldowndale said...

Oh dear, the runt if the tea bag litter

DJ Kirkby said...

Some traumas are almost to much to bear...I struggled to read this post. Is it obvious I am a total tea addict?