Saturday, December 05, 2009

Roll on those holidays

Has there been a lot of whining here at Tea Stains lately? Or is it just me? Perhaps I have managed to keep most of the bleating posts in my head.

I’m no longer thinking in terms of missing my November deadline – which isn’t doing me any good – rather, I’m thinking about an end of December deadline. I was prevented from working for nearly three weeks by being in the UK in October and I need to tack that time onto the end of my new deadline so that I can stop beating myself up. Yes, I’m nearly there. I’ll let you know when I finish.

The exams have been done (the results? Not at all shoddy … well done Son) the school production of the Scarlet Pimpernel (absolutely bloody marvellous) finished last night and I’ve done all the artwork owing. But, everyone’s looking a bit spotty and blah; we’ve got definite cases of endoftermitus here at the Towers. Yeah, I know, we’re all tired… but we did start term in the middle of August.

Anyway, here’s a gratuitous picture of the school production. It’s a bit fuzzy… but I did that on purpose to create the period atmosphere. Yeah, right.


Debs said...

Love the picture, I'm sure the production was great. Glad the exams are out of the way too.

Having been feeling grim for the past week I'm having to look at my self-imposed deadlines again too.

Carol said...

Glad son did well. Pass my congratulations to him :-)

C x

Lane said...

Well done Son!

Fabulous photo. The blurry works:-)

DJ Kirkby said...

That photo is gorgeous and the 'fuzzy-ness' works. Actually it didn't look fuzzy to me... Congrats to your son on his good grades.