Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Someone? Or a No-one?

I’m sitting in Starbucks (again, I'm considering shares... or maybe they'll sponsor me.) This time I’m up the road in the Grammy building. I hardly ever come here even though it’s the closest one to my apartment. In my first year in Bangkok I came here all the time with K (*Waves to K.*)

So far as I’m aware Grammy is The Place for pop music. It’s an entertainment company; a record label for big, big Thai pop stars. It’s always full of funky Thai youngsters and older, producery looking types. Or maybe I’m just letting my imagination run away with me.

Today though, it's not in my imagination; there’s a film crew here. There right here, feet away from me in Starbucks, not just in the Grammy building. I hope they don’t swing the camera around to catch me eating my muffin…

This is turning out to be the ultimate in procrastination. Watching; no idea what’s going on or who she is. I still can’t stop watching.

Yes, I have no shame.

I can blog this, I think. I'll get my camera...


Anonymous said...

Oooh, yes, you must give us the gossip!

CJ xx

Lane said...

It's all material isn't it.

And she has interesting hair, whoever she is.

KatW said...

Very fun procrastination. How is a girl meant to write with all that excitement going on?

Re: Starbuck shares - I think coffee shops should have special loyalty cards for writers. Trouble is we're not necessarily helping their business lingering over a coffee and taking a table for so long. But hey they do get the added bonus of us mentioning their great coffee in the credits at the front of our soon to be bestselling novels. So yes we do deserve special loyalty cards & deals.


ChrisH said...

All excellent writing material - and good for us to gawp at too!

BEAST said...

Mystery Woman?

I think her name is New or Ju, and she recently won "The Star", Thialand's anwswer to "Pop Idol", sponsored by Grammy.

JJ Beattie said...

CJ, see BEAST's comment. I had no idea (I supsect he didn't either and he asked his Thai colleagues!)

Lane, yes, interesting. I thought it was a cross between elfin and bed head.

KatW, sometimes I have two cups of tea! ;-D

Chris, absolutely.

Bea, I knew you'd know or be able to find out. Thanks hon.

Angie said...

Hope it's not too distracting, because it sounds like an exciting writing space.

Look at that word count! Full force ahead to the finish! Cheering you to the end: Ra ra ra.

window replacement said...

I think it's off course her personal identity.