Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog famine

You know, this won’t do. It simply won’t do.

Why the blogging famine here at Tea Stains?

I am unable to put together a coherent post so here are some bullet points for you.

• I enjoyed Mystic River.
• I’m enjoying Incendiary - which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy Heartburn.
• I’m wondering why shop assistants need to stalk customers.
• What would have happened if the deadline had come around and you still hadn’t done it?
• I’m confused why tourists come to Thailand without having done a teeny weeny bit of research. It’s not okay to wear a skimpy and flimsy white dress with spaghetti straps and conspicuous black underwear. Save it for the beach.
• I am sad that one of our guests is flying home today and the other will go to Koh Chang on Thursday.
• I am beginning to feel something (other than confusion) about starting work on my novel again!

I hope to find my blogging mojo over the next few days.


Queenie said...

I just figured you'd been busy with your visitors. Don't worry, it's OK to take a break for a few days (or weeks, or months) now and again. Blogging is voluntary, and is supposed to be fun, remember?

Queenie said...

PS: hurrah to the last bullet point!

Flowerpot said...

great news about the novel - and I second what Queenie says. Blogging should be enjoyable!

sheepish said...

Glad to hear it's not just me having trouble getting going again. I am having a bad case of procrastination blues but hope to drag myself into 2010 soon!!!

JJ Beattie said...

Queenie, I have the inclination to blog and the subjects but my brain refuses to play the game. I sit down to write them and lj4elknw4bm,sdgyly6;lw comes out. Strange.

Thanks, lovely.

Flowerpot, I love blogging but something seems to be stopping me right now.

Sheepish, we're supposed to take a break after we finish the first draft... but not for ever, you know?

Carol said...

It happens sometimes....

You'll soon get your blogging mojo back :-)

Glad your getting excited about working on the novel!

C x

Jackie Luben said...

I seem to be able to blog about nothing - my life being somewhat devoid of excitement, particularly at the moment.

But I can't do is get back to my novel. So well done, and keep it up.

By the way, I read The Forgotten Garden recently - it has similar characteristics to my most recent novel, Tainted Tree. Naturally, I enjoyed it.

JJ Beattie said...

Carol, thank you. I am excited; also scared, but I'm perpetually scared... I love my blog and I want to find the usual nonsense to say but it's not quite happening. I expect it will come back.

Jackie, hello and welcome. I can usually blog about total nonsense too... that's why my mojo has gone. Even when I have the subjects at the moment, I still can't quite find the words. Perhaps it's the aftershock of finishing the first draft of my first novel?

Anonymous said...

This year I've decided to adopt an "if I've got nothing to say, then don't say it" policy. My blog is therefore (so far) devoid of posts for this year.

Debs said...

Life can take over sometimes.

Glad to hear your mojo is finding it's way back.

HelenMHunt said...

Your mojo sounds like it's pretty well occupied at the moment.

Angie said...

I think the post-first draft haze can have that affect. Enjoy the small break because I'm sure your mojo will be back soon. Glad you're excited to get back to the novel. Wishing you luck as you begin the next stage.


p.s. Still giggling about the inappropriately dressed tourist. :)