Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nearly back to normal

Oooh it’s nice to re-enter normal life; I’ve been at Book Club this morning where we started and finished with a gossipy catch up and some book talk in the middle. It went on into the afternoon.

A couple of years ago, at our January Book Club, we met to discuss Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. Because of travelling, entertaining guests or other Christmas mania, nobody managed to give it the attention it deserved. So the following January we introduced a ‘pot luck’ meeting where members bring whatever they’ve been reading and enjoying over Christmas. We each get the floor to tell the others about our book choice.

It always provokes discussions and is often an opportunity to be able to say ‘if you liked that, you might like this…’ I like it because, being fundamentally nosey, I want to know what people choose to read when they aren't being told what to read by Book Club. It has introduced me to books that I might not have considered. Last year there was a lot of debate about Engleby by Sebastian Faulks – it seemed to be a love or hate it read so that was one I followed up with (I loved it.) Today I was reminded of Barbara Trapido, whose work I’ve often meant to read. Can anyone recommend which of her novels I should start with?

One slight hiccough to the ‘back to routine’ is that school started today without either of my children in attendance as both of them are feeling a bit sicky today. Hopefully all will be well tomorrow.

My own hiccough for the day is that I went to sleep when I got home this afternoon. Pah! I berluddy hate jetlag.


ChrisH said...

Your book club does sound good. Do you know I'd forgotten about B.Trapido and I remember her as an enchanting writer - 'Juggling'is the one that springs to mind for me.

Queenie said...

I loved the 80s ones most - Brother Of The More Famous Jack and Noah's Ark - but they may seem dated now. Frankie and Stankie is on my conceptual TBR list (as in, I want to read it but don't have a copy myself). I think I've read all the others, and I enjoyed them all, so I should read whatever you can lay hands on. Apparently she's working on another novel, hurrah!

HelenMHunt said...

Hope they both feel better soon.

JJ Beattie said...

Chris, thank you. I shall potter off to the second hand shop today and see what I can find.

Queenie, somehow I knew you'd have read her... F&S was the one my friend brought to the book club meeting.

Helen, thank you. They both went to school this morning but I don't think Son's properly better... I feel a bit uneasy about him.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Well done on finishing your draft JJ! Brilliant way to start the year. Love Barbara Trapido - Frankie and Stankie excellent, also enjoyed Juggling (think that was the title ...) Basically you can't miss with her, bit like Carol Shields or Anne Tyler.