Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Busy busy busy

I was reminded of a conversation with my seven year old Daughter by Crystal Jigsaw’s comment on the last post (she said “your home looks immaculate, a bit like a hotel room or a show home.”)

Anyway, CJ’s comment rang a bell with me… of Daughter one day watching me doing some housework and then saying, “Mummy? Are we having visitors?” “No,” I said. “Why?” “Oh because you’re tidying and cleaning…”

What can you say?

That explains two things: why the shot of my sofa is so beautifully clean and tidy (It’s amazing what poofed cushions can do people) and the intermittent blogging.

Yogi David’s been with us since Sunday (It’s not too late to book his yoga classes this weekend! See here for details.) And Julia’s flight from London has just landed.

So our living room – sofa and tv plus dining room table just in the sofa shot – are immaculate. Our bedroom, on the other hand, looks like a jumble sale. If I can locate the floor, Daughter will join us in our bedroom tonight to let Julia utilise her room… A new room rotation will occur when Yogi David moves to his friends on Friday.

I had the loveliest time on Monday. I spent three hours in Starbucks at Chitlom with blogger Yvonne and soon to be husband Dan. We couldn’t stop talking. It never fails to surprise me that you can meet such lovely people through blogging. I was touched that they made time to see me on their honeymoon.

I’ve spent today in the slightly less exciting occupation of tidying our bedroom. I sorted my To Be Read bookshelves. Hurrah! But, rather alarmingly, I found two copies of Anita Diamant’s Good Harbour, two copies of Rebecca and two copies of Love in the Time of Cholera.

Don’t tell Husband, please…


Cathy said...

I have the problem of double copies too. But my tbr pile is HUGE...combination of charity shop addiction and too little time to read!

Queenie said...

I hate cleaning and tidying. My office is like a pigsty, and I have clients coming here next week so I'll have to do something about it soon...

Carol said...

hahaha, I go into a tidying frenzy when people are coming to stay too!! It's just one of those things you do isn't it!!

Yay to lovely blog friends :-)

Good luck with the full house and I'll not breathe a word to husband about the books!!

C x

BEAST said...


Yvonne said...

Awh thanks! I had a fantastic time too, it was a real pleasure meeting you. I found our chat really inspiring and I can't wait to get stuck into my writing again! Thanks for making the time to meet with us.

Debs said...

My son asked why I always clean the house just before my mother arrives. Which would have been fine had he not asked the question in front of my mother!

Liane Spicer said...

LOL! I've found the odd duplicate copy of books now and then and I can never figure out how it happened.

PS: I've been sorting out my bedroom since before Christmas. :)