Monday, February 08, 2010

Not the Boomtown Rats

I am feeling very jolly today.

I like Mondays. I think it might be a hangover from my art college days when I attended part time on Mondays and Tuesdays. How I loved the end of the weekend so I could get into college and make things.

It’s still utter selfishness that I like the start of the week. (Shhh, it’s because I can go back to writing and not thinking about family again until the end of the day.)

I’m also cheerful because the Computer Studies coursework was done. At least I think it was. I am told it was. I refuse to chase it up and look at every piece of paper. I have to remind myself it is NOT my homework. I will help and support; answer questions, ask my friends and family for specialist knowledge but I will not make myself sick with worry.

I am excited because another Novel Racer is coming to Bangkok and I hope to meet up for coffee. I love the Novel Racers… what a wonderful community (and wider community) we’ve created.

I'm cheerful because Daughter's gym went really well yesterday; and because GAP is coming to Thailand in March. I'm a fickle one - that makes me really happy.

I have been sorting out the travel pieces and one of the troublesome pieces is coming together in my head. I am seeing the shape so I'm off now to begin writing it.


Queenie said...

Jolly days are ace. Enjoy yours.

Rebecca said...

I love mondays too - for exactly the same reasons. :)

JJ Beattie said...

Queenie, jolly days are particularly ace when they follow several in a row blue days... Hurrah to breaking the habit.

Rebecca, I feel a bit guilty about that... but only a bit.

Anonymous said...

Another Monday lover here too!

CJ xx

ChrisH said...

If my writing's going well I don't mind what day of the week, if it isn't.... Enjoy your Monday! (And hope the blue days are behind you).

Carol said...

I don't mind Mondays but I'm not having fun today :-(. Spent the weekend in Scotland...drove for 7 hours yesterday to get back home and then was up and out this morning to head into London. It will be another two days till I'm back in my own bed!

It's snowing and I'm currently in Starbucks killing time before going to a conference on London's Ambulance Service. Oh the fun never starts!!

Still, the fact that you are having a good day has cheered me up...perhaps the conference will be wonderful and I'll learn loads...

C x

CC Devine said...

I loathe Mondays. The sinking feeling starts on Sunday night with that back to school feeling and the knowledge that your homework (real grown-up work) remains undone.

Am very excited to come and see you in your neck of the woods and talk of writerly things and hear more about these travel pieces.

Hope the jolly mood continues and makes the words flow with ease!

HelenMHunt said...

Hurrah for jolly Mondays - even if they are a bit rare.

JJ Beattie said...

CJ, Yay! I just need to cast off the guilt that goes with it.

Chris, thank you. I guess that's true, but there's something about getting everyone off to school/work after a weekend that makes me want to kick my heels a little.

Carol, Bloody hell. Yes, that sounds a pretty tough Monday. Sorry to hear that. Thank you for being cheered by my own cheer.

CC, Oh I'm sorry to gloat...I do remember that feeling. I'm really looking forward to it too.

Helen, YES!

SpiralSkies said...

Smiling here at all your positivity. Blue days should be banned but they do make the jolly days sparkle more in comparison, don't they?

Happy Sparkly Writing to you X

(ha, was thinking about the homework comment & that I must stop going on about it here? The word verification is 'strop'. Perfect.)

Debs said...

I think I need to learn to like Mondays.