Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Births and shopping

I have a problem. It’s Husband’s birthday in five (shopping) days, and I haven’t bought any presents. The UDD – Red Shirts – are camped out along the main shopping route in Bangkok and yesterday, the following malls were closed: Siam Paragon, CentralWorld, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, Big C Rajadamr, Gaysorn Plaza, Amarin Center. Today, tension is mounting; there are troops collecting and the malls (at least some of them) are still closed. It reminds me of another birthday of Husbands when I was almost as badly organized …

Seventeen years ago I had to be extra ready for Husband’s birthday because I was enormously pregnant with our first child. The discrepancy between the hospital due date and my due date was four weeks (yes, impossible, but I did exactly the same thing with Daughter’s pregnancy. I think I am more like an elephant than a human when it comes to gestating babies.) So having less idea than most when our baby would come, I had tried to be prepared. I had just about finished buying his presents and they were hidden away waiting to be wrapped.

So of course on the Sunday, the day before his birthday, my waters broke. It was inevitable, wasn’t it? They kept me in hospitable waiting for me to go into labour. The day passed by; Sunday night came and then Husband was going to go home for some sleep because they kept telling me I wasn’t in labour yet: “WHY ALL THE PAIN THEN?” I told Husband that he’d have to find his own presents. I told him where they were hidden and apologized for their not being wrapped. Monday morning came and Husband reappeared in the maternity unit. I wished him a happy birthday and then the day was all about me.

Son came that night at 7.30pm. He was a furry little thing. He had hair everywhere, including his back (gone now) and dark downy patches that grew into points on his ears a la Star Trek (also gone.) He was also covered in vernix – a pale waxy substance; that and the hair would suggest my dates were right and Son was earlier than 40 weeks.

As though I hadn’t entirely stolen Husband’s thunder already, I proceeded to hemorrhage following the birth. I do feel the need, after all that drama, to make a fuss of Husband each year as well.

Of course producing a son on your husband’s birthday is the ultimate in birthday presents… but he’s shared it with his son for seventeen years so far and at the very least I’d like to have some presents for the poor man to open. (Son’s presents are all organized already because he knew what he wanted.)


Queenie said...

My sister was born in the evening of the day before my father's birthday. Nobody remembered his birthday at all, that year, and he's never let us forget it since!

Debs said...

My children are trying to think what to get their father for his birthday on 11th. They've already bought something for me - women are always so much easier to buy for, or is it just that we like more things - on 9th.

What a pain for them to have to think of both parents' presents so close together. Good luck with your shopping.

SueG said...

How amazing! I wonder what the odds are of that happening. Happy birthday one and all. xo

Fran said...

But this is why ties were invented, so that there would always be something to buy!

JJ Beattie said...

Queenie, oh no! Poor man. I'd milk that one for sympathy too!

Debs, we girls are so much easier, aren't we?

Sue, thank you.

Fran, *laughing* so true. It's cufflinks in husband's case - shhh, don't tell him.

Chris Stovell said...

At first glance I misread this and thought there was a Husbands'Day in Thailand... felt v sorry for you having to remember that as well as everything else. I'm sure you'll find something for him (although he did come up with that stonking ring for you... no pressure, btw). I tend to think that giving him a son for his birthday was the ulimate in selfless giving!

LilyS said...

Boy's birthday is in June and I have paid for his ticket to Jersey in June so I neednt worry now.

If I wanted to make the day all about boyf I would just go out lol

HelenMHunt said...

Oh dear. You certainly have some highly dramatic reasons for slipping on the present-giving front though x

Leigh Russell said...

My daughter's birthday is 4 days after my husband's. Their birthdays are in July so every year we have a family BBQ for them. My daughter's boyfriend's birthday is the day before my husband's so now he's one of the BBQ birthdays too.
My mother was born on 24th December and married on 22nd December, so that's a busy month too for presents.
But I think a baby is the best present you could have given him.

JJ Beattie said...

Chris, do you think giving him a son makes it even for the stonking ring?

Lily, *laughing* Good idea. No nagging that day, huh?

Helen, I could try some histrionics again this year, couldn't I?

Leigh, you clearly have some very busy times in the calendar. Isn't it funny how they often come in clouds?

Angie said...

My mom delivered my little sister on her own birthday. I'm not sure I would be happy about that, but she LOVED it. They also share their birthday with my dad's sister and my mom's grandma! My mom's mom and dad's mom are each one week before and after! Needless to say, January is a crazy birthday month in my family.

However, I think a son is quite a generous birthday present! ;)

JJ Beattie said...

Angie, noooo? So many birthdays... and the expense? Call me selfish but I quite like having my birthday to myself.