Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Photo

As an accompaniment to today's photo I have to tell non Thai residents that Thai people sleep everywhere and anywhere. As a napper, I think this is eminently sensible. Once, I was so culturally immersed, I napped in Starbucks and I've been teased by my friends ever since. Still as you can see here it can be pretty funny too.

This week, as I raced around the malls of Bangkok trying to find Daughter's computer case, I went into a new set of loos in Siam Paragon. I couldn't resist taking this photo. I promise I haven't photoshopped the sign. I am convinced that the (foreign, surely?) translator has been poking a little fun at the Thais' love of forty winks. In Thai, this label says it's the equipment/broom cupboard.


Faddict said...

Oh yes a definite P take! Haha!

Ragged Thread Cartographer said...

Lovely! ...from a veteran napper. x

Carol said...

LOL!! That is brilliant!!

(Ha, you will so never live down napping in Starbucks!)

C x

Teena in Toronto said...

I wish our office had one of those :)