Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

We saw it in at home, playing games and watching Harry Potter (and the Order of the Phoenix) until 11.55 and then we went out onto our Bangkok balcony and watched several displays of fireworks. I love living in a city.

I’m going to gloss over the ‘what I have achieved in 2011’ round up we’re seeing all over the blogosphere because the answer is ‘precious little’ and I’m feeling pretty blah about it.

A few weeks ago I signed up for Sally Quilford’s 1000 words a day for a hundred days. It started this morning. Of course I had to trick myself into writing. I set the clock for one hour and wrote and I just continued until I’d written the 1000 words. Why isn’t it always that easy?

This year I am going to get this novel into a shape I am happy with if it kills me. (It might.)

I’ve given up wheat, meat and sweet(s).

And I’m going to have a better blogging year.


Denise said...

Happy New Year! I have very similar aims for my novel this year. I've been faffing about with it all of last year, (and writing it the one before, ahem) but this year I have to finish it!!

I'd been wondering about the 1000 words a day thing after seeing Sally mention it on twitter. Am off to have a look, thanks for the kick :-)

Jenny Beattie said...

Thanks Denise. Join us! I hope it kick starts you too.

Debs Carr said...

Happy New Year and good luck with the challenge.

I need to give up a few things this year, mainly chocolate though.x