Thursday, January 05, 2012

Voices in my head

I had a bad writing day yesterday; like in the old days. Voices in my head telling me it was all crap, asking why I was wasting my time. It would never be any good... And when I read back what I'd written, why, sure enough, the voice was right.

I buckled for a bit. It was a bad morning. Then I realised I just had to tell it (the voice, my editor, the devilish creature, whatever the hell it is) to bugger right off. My goal isn't to write a perfect manuscript but to get the story in the right order.

Husband took me to a newish Japanese canteen a few doors away where I inadvertently ate wheat noodles (I thought udon were rice noodles...)

Then I got a tuk tuk to Starbucks in soi 49. It was lovely and cool in there and I settled into a sofa to try and write.

It was tough, I won't lie. I people watched; checked out Twitter and Facebook and I wasted at least ten minutes taking these photographs of the plant shadows on the blind.

But I wrote until I was 25 words short of today's aim, 4000 words. No matter how hard I tried those 25 words wouldn't come.

I will try and make up for it today.


BEAST said...

There are 223 words in this blog post, taking you nearly two hundred words over your target. Yay, well done JJ.

Helen said...

Writing when you think it's crap is horrible. But I'm waving my pom poms on the sidelines for you. x

Carol said...

Your writing is NOT crap and you CAN do it!!


C x

Jen said...

Yeah - what Carol said, with knobs on!

Denise said...

Pesky voices, very annoying. I'm glad you've sent them packing. I think mine are fully occupied telling me I ate & drank too much over Christmas at the moment...

Jenny Beattie said...

Thanks Bea. You're my biggest supporter! I'm not actually allowed to count my blog posts but I caught up anyway yesterday!

Helen, thank you for always being there to shout for me.

Carol, thank you and Mwah back.

Jen, thank you too.

Denise, there's just no time to buckle under with them with a 1000 words a day. Just got to get on... which is, I guess, the point!