Thursday, March 01, 2012

Drawing a line

Here is a line.

It's the line I'm drawing under the lack of blog posts, the apathy, the thinking but never quite doing, the doing and then bottling out because it was crap.

I will blog again.


Chris Stovell said...

Don't beat yourself up,dear heart. Look forwards to seeing you soon.

Sue Guiney said...

Ha! Well done to let it all go. Love the orange, too.

sara crowley said...

Neat line! I have decided that it's pointless to apologise for my own lack of blogging, it's my blog & I'll blog when I want to :) It's life, Jenny, ups and downs. Sometimes we will, sometimes we won't. It's always good to hear your news tho' :)

BEAST said...

You have actually drawn a line ABOVE a lack of blog posts.

But then again because the blog posts are not there, it can't be geometrically proven exactly where the line is in relation to the nothing you have written recently.

So although metaphorically you have drawn a line under the aforementioned vacuum, philosophically the line's relationship to anything that is not there is merely a projection of your existential attitude.

Theologically the line exits in our plane of existence and the lack of posts could occupy an infinite number of possible positions in this world or the next.

Relatively, the posts do not reveal their position until they have been read, and the act of reading them also changes their position, so in truth we can only estimate the probability of the line being above the lack of posts.

Theoretically as the line is also a blog post in itself then the line you have drawn is neither above nor below the empty days and can be said to occupy the same space as the post would have occupied should you have written them.

Well, now that cleared things up a bit, I looks forward to reading you later posts with renewed enthusiasm

Jenny Beattie said...

Chris, I know I shouldn't but it's in my DNA...

Sue, it had to be orange, didn't it?

Sara, yes that's true but it's not life that's getting in the way. I want to blog; I sit down to write something and either I do and it's crap or I can't... Frozen.

Beast, your perseverance has paid off. Bloody Blogger, huh? Very funny, clever clogs. xxx

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