Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday Photo

There are just no words to describe this picture.

I took it on the way to Sam Roi Yot. Thailand is in the top four producers of pineapple and leads the way in exporting the canned fruit. It's a huge part of the diet here and is found, peeled and cut, on every street corner.

You can see the 'pineapple penny' dropping for me here when I discovered pineapples grew on shrubs on the ground and not on trees; and you see them growing in situ, in a beautiful pineapple grove, here.

The way that Thais cut and peel the pineapple is a work of art. There's a video of a Vietnamese man doing it in the same style, here.


Jen said...

Oh, how much do I want to live in a house like that? It would quite suit my potentially fruity lifestyle

Ragged Thread Cartographer said...

I loved the video of the Vietnamese man cutting the pineapple. I've never seen a picture of them growing before (!) and they definitely look weird, as though they've been put there for effect. I've got one of those screw things that slices & cores & peels all in one go, cos I eat loads of the stuff. x

Jenny Beattie said...

Oh just lost my reply.

Jen, it's hilarious isn't it? I wanna live there too.

RTC, I love pineapple. I like it best fresh but it's one of the few fruits that doesn't suffer too much from the canning process.