Tuesday, June 05, 2012

No Jubilee celebrations

There have been no jubilee celebrations for us this weekend but on Saturday, Son graduated from school in a rather nice, congratulatory ceremony and then departed for a ‘holiday’ with his school friends. Gulp. I am trying hard to be a grown up. I am mostly sitting on my hands, trying not to text him to ask him if he’s applied the sun screen/insect repellant I purchased for him. (As well as a host of other, much more controlling and intrusive questions…)

Daughter and I had planned our own jaunt to the beach after exams (with strict instructions from Son that the island he was going to, WASN’T big enough for the three of us) and somewhere along the way, it morphed into me taking her and four of her friends to the beach. We left yesterday. There have been lots of (good) hysterics. Teenage girls, en masse, squeal a lot, don’t they? Their phones have remained tacked to their hips (unless they’re in the sea or the pool) even though the four other people they’re in almost constant communication with, are sitting on the beach bed next to them.

My own change in status (from holidaying with Daughter to chaperone) means that I am free to tackle the Adobe Illustrator book again. *Sigh* Despite having worked half way through the course book, EVERYTHING I attempt to tackle feels like Hard Work and I usually abandon it to do it in a more long-winded, but slightly easier mentally, manner.

And that’s pretty much why I’m sitting here blogging… 

I’ll be back tomorrow with Wednesday’s Windows.

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