Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday round up: yee haa

I thought that when the exams were finished life would relax a bit. Ha. No.

I survived a week at the beach with five teenage girls. We were the talk of the resort. One lady had the decency to stop me and enquire what relationship I was to the girls… Actually, she stopped me to tell me how beautifully behaved they were and then she asked: she guessed teacher. Daughter said wistfully that she wished school trips were like our island jaunt and not trekking up mountains in soggy ground with a two-ton backpack.

One young man engaged me in conversation. He thought they were all my daughters! I’d have to have been busy to make that happen: my ‘daughters’ were three Caucasians and two Asians and all sixteen!

Son returned alive from his ten days grad trip to the beach. Phew. He was only a little bit smelly and only a very small amount of his conversation about what happened in Koh Samui has made my hair turn grey. I have remained cool and serene on the outside.

We went to a jubilee ball.

I went to a jubilee coffee wearing the silliest hat I’ve made yet. It weighed a ton and I spent the afternoon with a phantom hat on my head. I kept trying to remove it only to discover I WASN’T wearing it…

Random backpackers have come and gone.

Husband’s flown to London and then Paris.

And breathe… there’s a small window before the next panic sets in.

It should be a Friday Photo here today but instead it’s a round up. So, here’s a picture of the mad jubilee hat:

(The stupid expression can be accounted for by telling you that I was caught with yet another piece of cake in my hand. What I was really doing was relieving K of the item. She doesn't like banana cake; so actually I was performing a charitable act... honest. I cropped the picture so you couldn't see the cake hanging by my side so you could see the hat clearly.)

Pic stolen from YZ's facebook album


liz fenwick said...

Love the hat and well done on surviving all trips....


Jenny Beattie said...

Thanks Liz. :-D

Ragged Thread Cartographer said...

That Jubilee hat is outrageously successful - so much so that you'd be welcomed into the Royal enclosure at Ascot! Apparently fascinators have ben banned unless they have a base of at least 4 inches across.

Jenny Beattie said...

RTC, omg, that seems a bit unnecessary. I love a fascinator and I think they suit everyone. Hats can be more difficult to wear or people just feel self conscious in them. I have to declare that I felt somewhat self conscious in my swiftly put together hat!