Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I saw this over at Lane’s and it looked like a fun diversion.

My blog is worth $19,194.36.
How much is your blog worth?

I’ve managed no writing for a couple of days as I’m trying to get the Christmas shopping done and dusted. We have, in spite of some shaky ‘everything’s booked’ moments, managed to find somewhere to go for Christmas. We’re going to take the train down south and then a car to Krabi Province. Our first ever holiday in Thailand was to Krabi and it’s stunningly beautiful with gorgeous craggy cliffs and islands.

I’ve also not written because I’ve got to a moment where I’m not sure of … quite what happens. Several subplots could happen here and I need to make a decision as to which one it will be, stick to it and then get going again. My inability to make decisions trips me up regularly.

Right now I'm off to wrap some presents.


Flowerpot said...

don't talk to me about decisions - or christmas shopping!!

JJ said...

Oh it's hard FP, isn't it? I can't make decisions when there's shopping to be done!

Carol and Chris said... blog is not going to make me a millionaire any time soon....I only got a measley $7,339.02 :-(

Good luck with the wrapping

C x

Lane said...

Decisions stump me all the time, hence the mega delay on finishing my draft:-(

Sounds like you're going to have a fab Christmas trip:-)

Debs said...

I know exactly how you feel on the writing and shopping front.

I think mine was worth about $17,000, so not enough to give up work then, typical.

Paige said...

Two awards for you over at my blog!

HelenMH said...

Good luck with the Christmas plans, and the writing!

KAREN said...

Mine was worth zero!! How rude.

Hope the present wrapping was successful :o)

wordtryst said...

I'm a firm believer in stepping away at times like these to let the subconscious mull it over.

Will try out the gadget thingy. If you see SOLD written across my blog you'll know why - but I doubt it'll bring much, so I guess I'm stuck with it.