Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Mystery of the Missing Pants

My presents are pants!” Husband exclaimed during our present opening session.

And he was right. Husband received a beautifully wrapped package of around twelve pairs of boxer shorts having formerly highlighted a pant crisis in the sartorial department. (American friends: we’re talking men’s knickers, boxers, underpants, undercrackers, here … not trousers.) He also received some lovely linen shirts that most certainly were not pants: they were very nice.

He packed his new shirts and his undergarments to bring away with us. Unfortunately we hadn’t quite enough space in our bags to bring enough clothes so just the other day I had to prepare a pack of clothes to go to the laundry department at the hotel.

Eventually they were returned. The shirts were neatly folded and so were the pants. I put my t-shirts away, and when Husband returned from scuba diving I told him: ‘Our laundry is back.’

However, on closer examination - not that close – the rather horrible realisation hit us that two of the pairs of pants … uhm … weren’t Husband’s.

Eeeewgh. And nastier still … they were somewhat elderly. Eeeewgh again.

We called the lady from Housekeeping … she retrieved the offending undercrackers and said “Just a minute” and then she disappeared. She disappeared for 24 hours.

I called again this morning with another bag of washing, because Husband is still short … of shorts. I gave her the new bag of washing and asked her if there is any news of Husband’s new and very black knickerknacks… She said “Just a minute…” and she’s been gone for five hours already.

Where have Husband’s pants gone? Is it the same place that single socks go? Does anyone know?


Lane said...

Gosh this is very Agatha Christie. Pants mystery in hotel in exotic location. I hope you solve it:-)

Leatherdykeuk said...

They're on e-bay!

Debs said...

Love the comments!

Poor thing, losing his and gaining some less than savory ones. I do hope they find his soon.

Carol and Chris said...

LOL (Sorry, not the most supportive reaction!!)

C x

Flowerpot said...

ah the single sox mystery! Hope you find out about the pants!!

HelenMHunt said...

They must be awfully good pants for someone to want to steal them so much!

wordtryst said...

Ewwww indeed!

Between the post and the comments I'm having quite a chuckle. I'll be serious again in - just a minute!

JJ said...

Ha, we loved all your comments. Poor Husband. How does he put up with me blogging about his undergarments?