Friday, December 05, 2008

Teetotally sober!

Yesterday’s lunch was lovely. My headache started before I was half way through the welcome glass of champagne, so I didn’t need huge amounts of will power to avoid the booze.

Still, we had a fire break out on our table which was pretty exciting. No, I’m not joking: a piece of cracker debris spontaneously combusted on our table, making quite a table decoration for several seconds. It’s a sad state of affairs when one’s first reaction is ‘Is there time to get my camera out so I can blog this?’ Really, I’ve got to get a life.

Carol and Caroline helped me build the grotto. Then, as I was ‘on duty’ as one of the ‘meet and greet’ team, I showed the ladies where to put their charity gifts in the ball room. Finally, I herded women toward Father Christmas to pick up their Christmas presents.

We appealed to all lunch guests to bring Christmas presents for the Karen Refugee children from Burma/Myanmar, living in the Mae La Camp and students at the Thai Noh Bo School. We had a fantastic result and Christ Church, Bangkok, will take the gifts to the children. It always makes me a bit weepy to see people’s generosity.


lillian said...

Sorry bout the headache! The tables looks beautiful !

Debs said...

Such a shame you had a headache, but I suppose at least you don't have a hangover today.

I would have thought of my camera first too!

How lovely that everyone was so generous and all those children can now expect such wonderful gifts.

Leigh said...

Lol at the blogging opportunity, but you'd have only been really lost if you'd actually set fire to the thing yourself.
Glad you had a good time!

Lane said...

Looks wonderful. Sorry you had a headache but hopefully you're clear headed today:-)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so pretty, I love Christmas, glad you had fun and drama!

As for the letter meme I think you have to have the letter T!

JJ said...

Hi all, the headache stopped as soon as I stopped consuming ... it was a warning. It was just there to remind me that I was meant to stay sober!

M&T, thanks. T it is!

Carol and Chris said...

Hehehe - I do think that was why we actually had to harass waitresses to bring more wine to our table!!

It was lovely seeing how many presents we got...the woman from Christ Church said that she was always astonished and touched at the generosity of BWG Members :-)

C x

cbnguyen said...

Love your blog. It looks great!
I like to decorate Chrismas tree, and I am glad you had fun.