Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Email from Husband

I received the following email from Husband a few days ago.  I think, maybe, he's trying to tell me something. I'm just not quite sure... what.

Some Maths Homework

41 = Books read so far this year (from your blog book list)
2/12 = Fraction of the year remaining (November and December)
41*2/12 = 7 More books to read this year.
41+7 = 48 Books read in 1 year (forecast)

43 = Current age of reader.
16 = approx age reading reached current pace and books were not just Enid Blyton
43-16 = 27 reading years
27*48 = 1296 Books read so far.

500g = Average weight of quality paperback (use 200g for chick lit and 800g for Stephen King)
4cm = average thickness of quality paperback (use 2cm for chick lit and 6cm for Stephen King)
500g * 1296 = 648kg.
4cm * 1296 = 52m

500cm average width of bookcase shelves
5 average shelves per bookcase
500*5 = 2.5m per bookcase
52m/2.5m = 21 bookcases required to house your books; with a total weight of a small family car.


BEAST said...

...and don't forget your TBR pile on the roof-rack

DOT said...

You're lucky to have a husband who takes such a detailed interest in your interests.

(Where did he find the time to make all the calculations?)

SueG said...

What a riot! Well, that's what he gets for falling in love with a writer! xo

HelenMHunt said...

Ah bless him ...

Anonymous said...

What's his hobby? Time to retaliate, I think.

ChrisH said...

I'm def not going to show Tom those calculations!

Lane said...

= bigger house/apartment?

(you have a very clever husband)

Simon said...

Oh please; I now feel soooo inadequate! S.

Anonymous said...

Do you think he needs to get out more?!

Reading your previous post, I cry anywhere and everywhere!

CJ xx

Angie said...

That's hilarious. It appears he needs to get you a few more shelves! (Of course, the calculations don't take into account library/borrowed reading material!)
I'm afraid my husband will enjoy these calculations rather too much. :)

L-Plate Author said...

smart email, smart man!

And I see a certain word count creeping up to 90k????? x

LilyS said...

Ha Ha I like this even if I am poo at maths!