Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Melbourne Cup (for the last time)

This is us strutting our stuff down the catwalk, shortlisted for the 'best table' costume prize.

It makes me realise that you can the women out of Britain ...

May we always be able to laugh at ourselves and not have to wear something 'pretty' with a label to explain what we've come as.

My photographs are dreadful; here's hoping that friends will have pictures to send me.


liz fenwick said...

Love it - sometimes it takes being an expat to really learn to laugh at yourself!

Carol said...

and how hung over are you today??

C x

Ps. Love the costumes :-)

JJ Beattie said...

Liz, it does indeed.

Carol, I'm in fine fettle. I had ... maybe four glasses of fizzy and then stopped. But that of course meant that I was a party pooper come 2.30! Had daughter at home though so i had a good excuse.

SueG said...

What a riot! Looks like fun, too.

ChrisH said...

Brilliant! Well done to all of you.
(Hope your poorly child gets well soon too!)

Debs said...

It looks like you all had great fun. Love the costumes.