Thursday, November 05, 2009

Here we go again

I started writing a blog post this morning; about how I’m writing again which feels great. I’ve got book reviews to write too. (One on The Little Stranger for Contact, the BWG magazine and one on Thin Blue Smoke for my blog after Will Atkins very kindly gave it to me at my industry day) but I am still managing to fit in writing. It’s such a relief.

Then today I went to the BWG committee meeting and during our conversation about the Christmas lunch, someone asked what headdresses we were going to wear this year. Normally someone goes to Chinatown and buys something classy like, Rudolph antlers that sing ‘Jingle Bells.’ Oh we know how to celebrate here you know. They get worn during the Christmas lunch at the British Club too, and the carol singers that go to BNH Hospital wear them as well. Any opportunity to don our chic and sophisticated headwear is grabbed with both hands.

Anyway, whoever mentioned the headdresses precipitated a collective groan around the table until someone said ‘I think this year we should wear Christmas fascinators.’

There was lots of laughing, and pointing at me until I realised that I’d said it.

So now I’m making not fourteen this time, but twenty five Christmas fascinators, and truly, I can’t wait to get going on them.


SueG said...

How can i not know what a Christmas fascinator is? What is it? Doh!

JJ Beattie said...


It's the hat thing I'm wearing in the picture on the 3 November blog entry... except that this one needs to be a Christmas theme!

Carol said...

That so doesn't surprise me *grins*

C x

Flowerpot said...

Fascinators is such a lovely word!!

LilyS said...

This sounds great - last year i had to wear a head band with springing xmas trees! This year I think I will just don the tinsel bobble

HelenMHunt said...

Can't wait to see photos x

Leigh said...

What I want to know is, were you laughing too? Before you realised you'd said it, that is!

JJ Beattie said...

Carol, No... nor me really... and remember I'm still on grotto duty!

Flowerpot, isn't it? And you know I'd never heard the word about these decorations until a couple of months ago. Weird.

Lily, yes, I'm familiar with such ... headwear. ;-D

Helen, OHHHH, I don't doubt you will see them in all their glory.

Leigh, yes in that 'I haven't quite got the joke, but I'm going to laugh anyway...' way. Y'know?

Margaret Studer-Tea Examiner said...

Hi,you don't know me. I'm an American in America. I'm fascinated with your reading list. The titles make me want to read them.
Then it made me sad that I only read stories on the Internet these days.
I have resolved to pick a book from your list, find it at the library and read it.
Second, what is a Christmas fascinator? Is that what we in America call a Christmas ornament?

JJ Beattie said...

Hi Margaret, thanks for coming by. I love to read... and don't read stories at all on the internet. It's partly the physicality of the paper of books that I love. My son reads fanfiction on the internet though so you're definitely not alone.

A fascinator is a decorative hat like the one in my post on 3rd Nov. A Christmas one is on a Christmas theme. Mine will be crackers - maybe there's a different name for crackers in the US? I'm not sure. Come back and I'll show you them when I've made them.