Thursday, March 25, 2010

Internet fairies fail to show up

I declared yesterday ‘sorting out internet day.’

I’ve scanned the internet and there seem to be a number of Apple Macs falling off the internet but no apparent diagnosis. Because I have a PC sitting next to it, which ISN’T falling off the wifi I know it’s the Mac. Both our January visitors had Macs which did the same thing.

I was home all day for engineers to call so I put the problem in the hands of the management office who have a contract with the service provider – and after all, who we are paying for ‘internet service.’ As a result ‘sorting out internet day’ flew by; nobody called and I still have no internet on my Mac. Lots of lovely wifi airwaves whirling around in the air but none of them attaching themselves to the new computer.

While I was in the management office, I picked up a parcel. It was a garganuan pile of post from our house in the UK and was posted on 9th December! While I waited for the internet fairies to come I got all of that post dealt with. After five years of living in Bangkok, I finally got around to changing my address at the UK bank. I’m a firm believe that if you leave your paperwork in a ‘To Do’ pile for long enough, much of it can be put straight in the bin when you finally get around to dealing with it.

Today I woke and in a Groundhog kind of way, declared the day ‘sorting out internet day.’ Then I had a stroke of genius – they don’t happen often – and googled the name of the wifi repeater we have. Doh; they only work on Window OS. I still don’t have internet, but at least now I know why.


Blues Riders said...

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Chris Stovell said...

Oh look you've got a new friend too. Well done you for finding the solution to the problem - does that mean you can fix it or will it involve money? Good luck with it.

DJ Kirkby said...

Sorry I can't offer any helpful advice. The faires don't seem on top of things lately though. The hangover fairy forgot to visit me on Sunday (not that I'm complaining).

HelenMHunt said...

Internet stuff makes my head hurt, so I do sympathise. Those pesky fairies really aren't up to much at the moment. The Good News Fairy in particular is very remiss

Anonymous said...

The new Macs do have a problem staying connected to the internet. Especially if you have a Belkin.

When there were problems, I gave my Mac a good 'ole WHACK in Network Preferences.

Soon getting tired of that, I got rid of the Belkin.

Kill Belkin... or
Whack you Mac

It works.

KatW said...

Technology can either be fabulous or a complete pain in the ...

Your method of dealing with paperwork rather resembles mine.