Thursday, October 13, 2011

It never rains but it pours

So I’m back in Bangkok where the whole city is bracing itself for the worst flooding for fifty years. The rains this season have been very heavy and the sea level is at its highest point between now and the 19th October.

The rest of Thailand has been suffering for some weeks; Reuters report that ‘more than 2 million people are estimated to have been affected by floods around the country … At least 283 people have been killed … since late July and 26 of its 77 provinces are inundated.’

Sandbags are appearing all over the city; these ones are outside our apartment - I'm not entirely sure about the wisdom of where they've positioned them but who am I to know? People have been panic buying in Bangkok and shop shelves are reportedly clear of many essentials. (I'm wondering if there's still chocolate but I'm afraid that if there is, a week's chocolate might get consumed in one stressful night so I'm not going to check.) I am fairly sure we’ll be okay - we’re on the 21 floor after all. We have candles and enough food (though no chocolate) for a week (assuming the electricity remains) but as the Chao Phraya river winds through Bangkok, many people won’t be alright.

This YouTube from Associated Press gives a good sense of what’s going on.

I’ll be back soon - electricity permitting - to tell you about my UK trip.


liz fenwick said...


Sue Guiney said...

The same has happened in Cambodia, it seems. Stay dry and good luck! Xo

Jenny Beattie said...

Thanks Liz.

Sue, yes it's bad in other neighbouring countries. Thank you.

Debs Carr said...

Thinking of you and hope the floods recede soon. X

Anonymous said...

Oh that is really scary. My husband arrives on Sunday to househunt in Thonburi. He has been told it's not flooded at the moment, I have been keeping up with a few blogs each day to see how it's going as it's not being covered by the media here (which is quite sad considering the lives lost and magnitude)

Jenny Beattie said...

Debs, thank you. We haven't been affected yet but of course many other parts of Thailand have. I think the next few days are critical for central Bangkok.

TEW, I hope he manages to house hunt successfully. I'm sure he'll be safe - they just won't take him out to look if there's bad flooding.

Ragged Thread Cartographer said...

I'm with you on the sandbags by your apartment. Or are they like a local supply you can take away for your own doorstep? I'll be keeping an eye on Bangkok and thinking of you, anyway. Good luck. xx