Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hello. My name’s JJ and I’m a tea-aholic

One of my blog friends sent me a box of teabags in the post. She didn’t want them and I do, and I can’t buy this brand in Thailand. I told her when she got to the post office, if the postage was exorbitant, please don’t send them: STOP, retrace your steps, and save them for when Auntie Maureen comes round for a cuppa. Or maybe let them rot at the back of a cupboard…

I was very over excited to receive them – they’d been on a big postal adventure, all facilitated by a couple of comments while blogging.

I saw that she’d spent a lot of money on postage and had sent them anyway. So, I remembered something that she wished for in her blog once and I went out yesterday and bought it for her.

But then, I felt like a bit anxious, although I couldn’t quite work out why. I thought about it and then I realized. It reminded me, when I first started reading blogs I kept quiet, and never commented. I kept coming back to a few people’s lives and listened, read and enjoyed, but I didn’t say anything.

And this is because it made me feel a little bit like a creepy stalker.

She (and the other few I read) didn’t know I was there and I felt dishonest. I felt like I was peeping through their curtains uninvited.

Now that I’ve joined the novel racers and introduced myself I feel more legitimate. (My mother would be so proud of my good manners). But it interested me that I’d once felt this way. I’d quite forgotten.


Caroline said...

Delurking is a most beautiful experience.

So glad that you did ;)

So .... any chance of a cuppa tea while I'm here?????



JJ said...

Absolutely, but now I know - you don't drink tea. Coffee, mineral water, juice instead? I'm glad I delurked too.

Now you can buy most things in Bangkok (girls, boys, halfway between) but what I really wanted to buy, that I know you wish for, is accolades. Sadly, I couldn't find them anywhere, and I'm hoping you're going to get them anyway. So you have to make do with the things I could buy. I shall put them in the post tomorrow!


Caroline said...

I am sooooo excited ;-)

I quite fancy a cup of tea now though ... seeing as you're making it for me.


JJ said...

Don't get too excited now... it might be a bit of a let down.

Do you know what it is that you wished for?


Caroline said...

Simon Cowell ... ??
No I can't think. I'm not going to search either. A surprise instead.
You're lovely.

hesitant scribe said...

I can relate to that so much! It took me a year of reading stuff to summon the courage up to have a blog, and then commenting was something I agonised over! You're right though - it is a bit like virtual stalking! A note to all those who don't comment - please say something!!!

And glad we're both, as Caroline puts it, delurked!