Monday, March 12, 2007

Shameless Promotion

The premise: On Friday 16th March a new night starts in West London in the form of Ooh La La, a mixed event involving a classic of the silent movie era with live piano accompaniment followed by a burlesque cabaret and finishing with a DJ till late.
The event's production company Smokey Phoenix presents… is run by Miss Burgundy Skies and Miss Murray-Perry both of whom are members of award nominated burlesque dance troupe The Teasemaids. "We wanted to create a vaudeville vibe in keeping with the long and mixed history of the venue which has hosted comedy, film, theatre and music of all kinds from jazz to rock and folk to classical".
The beautiful Bush Hall is the perfect venue for this kind of event – big enough to create a buzzy atmosphere but small enough to still feel intimate.
Friday 16th March - Buster Keaton's "The General" with live piano accompaniment - Burlesque cabaret with our guest Mistress of Ceremonies, Polly Cupcake, featuring - Crimson Skye, Lil' Miss Chievous, Tallulah Mockingbird, and The Teasemaids! Come and enjoy the film, the show and dancing 'til late.
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Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Sounds great. Wish I could be there, but geography prevents.

JJ said...

Thanks Zinnia

It's good fun, all a little bizarre, but I wish I could be there to cheer her on too!