Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My sister is fab

I’m quite conventional so I was intrigued, though not entirely surprised, by the idea that my sister would get involved in burlesque dancing. She dances with a group who call themselves The Teasemaids. I was preparing to move to Bangkok when my sister started this career so I didn’t have an oportunity to see her doing it until last summer when I was back in the UK.

I went with her to the Volupté Lounge near Chancery Lane for Afternoon Tease. Most of the audience was women. I sat on a table with my sister’s daytime colleagues and we had proper old fashioned English tea: sandwiches and cakes, oh and champagne!

But I was a bit shocked; maybe I’m not just conventional but also a prude? It was very daring of her, but also funny. It made me realise how very, very different we are. I’m a little uncomfortable even taking my bra off even in changing rooms. Was that what shocked me? That my sister could? Although my sister and I of the same genetics she takes after Dad’s side of the family (straight up and down, small tits) I take after Mum’s (curvaceous, tendency to put on weight, big tits.) So taking my bra off in public would probably put lives in danger: maybe only toddlers and dwarves’ lives, but nonetheless…

This Friday she is organising Ooh La La at Bush Hall, in Shepherd’s Bush and I am wishing her all the good fortune from over here in Bangkok.


Jen said...

Wow, good for her!! I'd love to have the bottle to do something like that!

Like you, however, these boobs were not designed to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting world!!

Old fashioned tea is wonderful. I live round the corner from Batemans (Rudyard Kipling's old house ) and keep promising myself afternoon tea there with my little notebook!


JJ said...

So would I, Jen. But it ain't gonna happen! They wear these little nipple covers (I can't remember what they are called, but they have a name) but I'd need them the size of dinner plates to give me any modesty.

I'm currently in Starbucks (they are everywhere in Bangkok) and feeling very pleased with myself for writing 1009 words this morning.

Ooh, there's nothing else like a proper tea. Batemans isn't far from my parents in Kent, it looks gorgeous, but I haven't been there. I'm such a teabag girl, but I love the ceremony of old fashioned tea.


liz fenwick said...

Wow! I couldn't do it either but maybe a wild side of me woulf love to but like you it wouldn't be safe with these boobs!

Tea is brilliant. When my best friend finally made it to visit us after not ahving seen her for nearly seven year she treated me to tea at Claridges and it was divine!

JJ said...

Oh how lovely Liz.

More years ago than I care to remember two of my friends took me to London for tea at the Savoy. I can't remember what it was for (my birthday, maybe) but I remember it so well. If I'm honest, the thing I remember was the terror of making some dreadful faux pas - I was only about 18!

Caroline said...

I so want to do burlesque dancing - I even sent an email last week enquiring about lessons! I'd love to go and see a show.

hesitant scribe said...

She looks wonderful! I saw a programme last night, oddly enough, called Faking It, and a cleaning lady had to convince a panel of judges that she was a professional Burlesque Dancer. Her journey from shy, retiring woman to Burlesque queen, confident and sexy, was amazing.

I'd love to have a go, but haven't got the bottle! Seems we could all learn from them how to be more comfortable in our skins though - at least I speak for myself!

JJ said...

Caroline, it's the stuff of my nightmares: being on the stage with not many clothes on! Not for me.

Hesitant Scribe - I love Faking It. Did she fool the judges? You're right indeed about needing to feel more confortable in our skins ... maybe in another lifetime, eh?

hesitant scribe said...

She fooled 2 out of 3! She also said she wanted to take it up as a full time career - I'll let you know if they do a follow up!