Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Oh goodness, I'm writing.

If I write more and word count less, I might even make 10,000 today!

Everytime my brain comes up with something to stop me like 'all your tenses are confused' I decide it doesn't matter and can all be sorted out later. Is this okay? Or will I then have a gargantuan job of sorting on my hands? Well, at least I'll have words to sort...

Won't stop for longer - I have words to count.


Jen said...

Just get your story out. Write! Yes, everything else can be sorted out later. Mine's the same, muddled tenses - one of my characters is written in both 1st and 3rd person narrative. I'll see what sounds best once I've written more and/or the character decides!

Good that you're writing though. Go girl!


JJ said...

Crikey Jen, you're up early. I was on your blog when you commented! We must be pyschic!

Thanks for coming.


Jen said...

Ooh, I'm feeling the vibes baby!!!

Yeah, up early to cram in a few hundred words before brek/kids/work/life/general woe!

Got to get back into it!!


liz fenwick said...

YAY JJ is writing again. Write like the wind and don't worry about teneses or anything else. All can be sorted once the story is free from your brain and on the page!

JJ said...

Damn it,you caught me playing Bejewelled again. I have about 800 words to go to make it to 10,000 and I am DETERMINED... after a break on Bejewelled.

Thanks Liz

Jen, did you notice I didn't come back and entice you out of your working?

liz fenwick said...

800 words is a very attainable goal once you finish the game. Why don't you regard the 800 words as a game too?

Jen said...

Erm.. think the Shreddies had taken over by then!

Really glad your all upbeat again :)

Your 'column' sounds v interesting... can we see it anywhere??


JJ said...

Well, I didn't really manage the write like the wind - more like a piffling, poofling breeze. I didn't, and haven't quite got to the 10K mark. Too much wine at lunch yesterday, which always makes feel feel BLAH the next day. So stupid of me. I should give up drinking, but it's one of life's little delights. I don't do often, but I do tend to not quite know when to stop...

I will keep you posted re column. I may in time, post them on one of my websites, but it's all a bit hush hush, as it's not me, but an alter ego!

Caroline said...

Just seen your word count. Go girl! ;-)