Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Insect inundation

I’m having a creepy crawly crisis.

Last week I trod on a grass hopper in son’s room. It was dead already, but it went crunch and I didn’t like it.

I keep seeing geckos in the apartment. I try to be cool about these because they are much more frightened of me than I am of them (do you wanna bet?)

We went away for the bank holiday to Kanchanaburi (a two hour drive in good traffic) and our room was full of ants. They seem to have lost their purpose a bit and wondered indiscriminately about our table top.

We went elephant trekking in jungley undergrowth and something fell down my top and bit my tummy. I squidged it between fingers to kill it before I looked to see what it was (I'll never make a Buddhist) … I couldn’t tell what it was after my hysterical squidging episode but my tummy is red, itchy and sore. I’m afraid it might hatch spiders.

I got totally and utterly bitten by mosquitos by the river Kwai and now every single bit of skin is red, swollen and itchy.

Then … THEN, I come to post about my weekend by the Bridge over the River Kwai and this …. THIS ... is what I see on my laptop:


Jen said...

Ew, that has really made me feel quite pukey...

Will keep everything crossed that you don't hatch spiders :(

Ew X 2 in fact

JJ said...

Eeeewgh, it really is pukey, isn't it? My bites keep waking up to be itchy again. Thank you for keeping everything crossed... what do you think the incubation period is for nests of spiders?

Jen said...

The incubation period... erm... sorry JJ but I just can't bear to think about it... BLLLEEEUUURRRGHHH

liz fenwick said...

I'm sitting here scratching in sympathy!

JJ said...

Oh, god, I am so itching in reality. Some have eased a bit today, and some have woken up with a vengeance. The one of my tummy (which I'm keeping a close eye on) is really itchy today. Ugghhhh. I wonder if I should take Piriton, but worry it'll make me go to sleep.

hesitant scribe said...

I don't mind the caterpilla thingy but I'd keep an eye on the bite! I have a hatchery of spiderlings on my kitchen window at the moment and they're very cute - but not if you had to touch 'em!

Jen said...

Ok, this isn't very responsible of me to say but... if I ever have potential spiders hatching on my tummy, pencil me in for triple measures of Piriton & Vodka cocktails.

Angie said...

Eeeeeewwww! So sorry, JJ. I sympathize with the fear of spiders/bugs/anything crawly. I am usually the mosquito bait too. Why do they love some people more than others? Hope it didn't dampen your holiday too much!

JJ said...

Hi Hesitant Scribe, Husband said I was making a big fuss about nothing about the caterpillar thing. All I meant was that there are creepy things EVERYWHERE. I don't mind that one too much either, but the thing on my tummy, well it's not growing much but definitely itchy.

Jen - I so love that idea. I'm going to remember it just in case my tummy hatches: triple vodka and piriton. Perfect.

Angie - it's vile, isn't it? I really am not usually the one to get bitten, but I do think it was punishment for berating son for scratching his mossie bites! We still had a lovely holiday thank you.

Caroline said...

No this is not good.
And your comments are making me shiver.