Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stampy footed fool thinks about maths

THANK YOU to everyone who left me lovely messages about my measly 500 words.

‘Tis true I was disappointed, BUT I also wrote my article (nearly finished) and my website report for meeting today.

I think it was more to do with maths:

disappointment + arguing children = opportunity to beat oneself up

Husband said I was a fool to publicise that yesterday was about writing. But I think he is wrong (I may be a fool, that’s true) but had I not said publically that I was writing today I would have managed 5 words. I persevered because I had to report back which meant that I managed to write 495 more words.

I do worry that my posting yesterday has precipitated many visits to opticians all over the UK. Sorry.

I am off to my meeting now. I will sit on my hands and I will tape up my mouth with elephant tape so I do not volunteer for anything…


Carol and Chris said...

Now if I'd known that I'd have brought the Elephant tape!!

*Note to self - Read JJ's blog before going out in the morning*


liz fenwick said...

What is elephant tape??? Still think 500 is brill :-)

JJ said...

Hi Carol
Were you impressed though? I didn't volunteer for anything!!!!

Hi Liz
Elephant tape is the same as Duck tape and gaffer tape. It's really strong, fibrey stuff that they originally used in TV and film to tape down wires. I guess it's called something different everywhere (elephant is I believe, Sellotape's version).

Thank you for thinking 500 is brill. Given that I had all day I just wanted to do so much better!

Carol and Chris said...

I think you are still in shock after realising what the whole 'Queen's Birthday Coffee' entails!!


Ps. I agree with Liz - 500 is brilliant!!

Angie said...

Everyone agrees, 500 is brilliant. May I also say I love your term "stampy footed" which gives me a great picture in my mind. :)

JJ said...

Hi Carol

I am still in shock, but mostly because I went and admitted to being in a WI kind of group. What was I thinking?

Angie, Thank you, you're all right, I shouldn't berate myself for only managing 500 words; it doesn't help, and it's better than nothing. I'm glad you liked 'stampy footed' my father also uses 'flumpy footed', which is a particular relevant used for teenagers! But I hadn't got the sulks, just the anger!