Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Okay, I’ve been tagged by Hesitant Scribe. These are the rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.

3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

One On millennium eve we had a party at our friends in Manchester. We spend every New Year with them, but for that year we got sociable and invited a group of people. We had to prepare some games, songs, and information as part of the ‘entertainment’ through the evening. One of the games we had to prepare was to write a secret about ourselves that no-one in the room knew about us. I had to phone my mum in a panic because I couldn’t believe there was a single thing about me that I hadn’t told either husband or best friend. My Mum suggested this: a great great cousin of mine was serving as a maid below stairs when she was made pregnant by a young man who went on to become Prime Minister.

Two I am the world’s fussiest tea drinker. Friends quake at the thought of making tea for me: others, (husband) tells me to make my own ****** tea. I have to have a large mug (though not thick pottery and not poncy cup and saucer). Teabags should be ‘builder quality’ and not (on pain of death) ‘one-cups’ (NOT ENOUGH TEALEAVES) or anything purporting to be ‘good quality’: builder’s blend only, please. Water must be poured on boiling, preferably freshly. It must brew for four minutes, and then just the right amount of skimmed milk should be added. If you try and get away with brewing it for less time and adding less milk to make it the right colour, I will know because a) the opacity of the liquid will be wrong, and b) it doesn’t taste right. If you forget about the tea brewing (while you’re on the balcony having a fag, husband) you cannot just add more milk to make it the right colour, because then it will be cold, and it has to be hot enough to slurp through my mouth!

Whilst I recognize that I have virtual friends trembling at the thought of ever making me actual tea I won’t ever tell you it’s shit. However, if you are kind (and brave) enough to offer me a cup of tea, pour it out and then tell me you’ve poured it out, and would I like to finish it myself?

Three I have two degrees, both of which I loved doing but which are …uhm, useless? I have a hankering to do another degree – but mostly so I can make lots of stupid jokes about the Three Degrees: When Will I See You Again?

Four I have reverted to an adolescent crush and love and adore any music in which Stephin Merritt has had a hand, which include The Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heroes, The 6ths, and The Gothic Archies. My favourites … No, sorry it’s just not possible to say, but the album 69 Lovesongs is beyond my description includes the classics ‘A Chicken With It’s Head Cut Off’, and ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits’ He writes beautiful poetry and beautiful music. Please tell me I’ve converted you.

Five I am the official family photographer. Because I love textures, I collect them via photography. I use these as the wallpaper/desktops on my computer. I give family and friends discs of them in the mistaken belief that they think they are as wonderful as I do. Here are some examples:

Six I have another childlike ‘thing’ to admit to. I love the colour orange: I discovered this while I was at art college (prior to the second useless degree). My ‘office’ which is actually a dressing area with a table and mirror, has been ‘decorated’ with collections of orange things so that I don’t have to look at myself in the mirror. Maybe a visual would be good here:

Seven When I was ten I did a summer school in ballet. My parents were approached to ask if they would allow me to audition for the full time ballet school. Phew, good job my folks said no, and proof positive that you can’t tell at ten what puberty is going to do to you! I still love to watch all dance: particularly contemporary dance. Highlights have included Pina Bausch, Matthew Bourne’s Play Without Words, Mark Morris, Nederlands Dans Theater 2, ooh and lots of others.

Eight I am a perpetual worrier. I worry about everything, and if I haven’t got anything to worry about, I invent something.
Well, it looks as though everyone's been tagged for this already. If you haven't been 'got' then consider yourself tagged and please let me know.


Caroline said...

I love your desk. So many things to fiddle with.It is such a creative spot.

This post made me smile.
See you in 3 weeks :)


Jen said...

Oh, good grief, glad it's not just me with the tea thing. Tetleys Extra Strong, brewed for precisely 6 minutes, one sweetener and a dribble of skimmed milk.

I love 69 Lovesongs too - I only discovered it recently but it is strangely alluring.

We should marry at once!

JJ said...

Caroline, I am beside myself with excitement about coming to the UK. Glad the post made you smile. Some seem to think my desk is ... slightly odd, but imagine gazing at yourself in the mirror! Oh no.

Jen, We are celestial twins! How about that. If you like 69 lovesongs, you should try 'i' the most recent one. That is fab too. I am listening to 'Papa is a Rodeo' at the moment, and it always makes me want to cry. So beautiful. (Are you going to C's launch, oh twinnie?)

hesitant scribe said...

1. Brilliant - only now you've definitely used up all your secrets!
2. With you ALL the way on the tea, only whole milk, and brown sugar.
5. I love these - oh yay!
6. Love your desk - loads to look at.

Love the fact that you did long responses and used photos. You are a natural artist!

Carol and Chris said...

I love this post!!!

C x

Helen said...

I like your maid below stairs fact...Surely material for a novel? (Loosely based on the facts obviously - you don't want to upset any family members!)

liz fenwick said...

Loved the post and like Helen I can definately see a novel in the below stairs bit!!!

JJ said...

Hi Hesitant Scribe
Thank you, I'm glad you liked the post. I may have given away all my secrets, but at least I didn't invent any ... yet!

Thanks C. Were there any secrets revealed to you there? I suspect not! I wonder if I can think of something sufficiently secret to shock you!

Helen and Liz
Thank you too. Glad you enjoyed it. I've never considered historical novels (I'm too lazy for so much research!) but yes, it could be an interesting idea. Perhaps I could use it in the present for how it affected subsequent generations. (Acually, perhaps not. That's just reminded me of Vera Duckworth thinking that she's related to the royal family!)

Jen said...

Ooh, Twinnie, I shall check out 'i' forthwith!

Sadly, I won't be able to go to Caroline's launch, 'tis the wrong end of the country for me really.

Next time perhaps!

Ms Melancholy said...

The tea thing - I am totally with you. People know when I feel totally at ease with them, because I at last feel able to pour the proffered cup down the sink and start again.

I so love the three degrees. You know you have to do it.