Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dear Ms Melancholy

Dear Ms Melancholy

It was so good to see you again last week and lovely to meet your family.

I hope you all recovered from the lack of sleep/food/jetlag and had a lovely few days in the city (How was the Grand Palace? Did you get to the snake farm?) I hope the trip down south was easy.

Thank you for the hospitality at your hotel. I hope that I was able to help with protocol on tipping in Thailand, recommending good dishes (please try Larb Moo: spicy pork salad) and explaining that Thai dishes arrive when they're ready rather than coming all together. I realise that this strictly contravenes Melancholy family rules and hope that on your return you will be able to reinstate this well mannered behaviour in the children. Whilst on this subject, please accept my apologies for insulting your husband's bathroom building prowess, eating his dinner and making your son cry.

It was probably as well that you were all tired/jetlagged and that I disappeared when I did. All in all it was a wonderful evening!

Kind regards


hesitant scribe said...

Oh no! What did you do?! I'm sure it wasn't half as bad as you think though :)

JJ said...

Hi there

It wasn't as bad as it sounds! The letter of apology is a bit of a joke. However, I did eat his supper because of a misunderstanding (I thought to order in Thai would be showing off, so I ordered in English and the waiter misheard me). So having (tried) to order the same thing as him, when his food came, I assumed it was mine! Yes, and tucked in!

Her son did cry, but I didn't make him, it was just our joke! Her husband DID ask me what I knew of him from the blog because he doesn't read her blog, and the only thing I knew was that she rants about the bathroom not being done, so I asked: 'have you finished the bathroom yet?' Ooops.

We had a lovely time!


Ms Melancholy said...

Hey lovely JJ,

Oh, thank you for this fab post, which I have only just discovered...(blogging not entirely top of the list on my jollies, although much higher than hubby would have it, for sure).

We had a lovely time in BK, although glad to get to the peace and quiet of Phuket. Husband is well recovered and promises bathroom will be finished soon....(aren't the showers in Thailand just fab?) Son insists it was just a touch of jet lag.....

Take good care honey x