Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I can’t believe I’m flying back to the UK on Friday night. I’ve only just got over my jetlag from my last trip. This is with the children though, so we’re basing ourselves in Kent at my parents and then we have a nightmare itinerary of visiting. So far it looks like this:

2 days in Kent
1 day in South Bucks
3 days in France
3 days in Kent/London
3 days in North Bucks
3 days in South Bucks
2 days in Kent
2 days in South Bucks

Oh my goodness, and oh my goodness. Not exactly a relaxing schedule, is it? I shall need a holiday when I get back.


Before my trip to the UK in June I had lots of health claims to process (piles of forms to fill in and reclaim the money from any doctors visits we’d done in Bangkok) and being the responsible type I let it pile up until it had grown into a grotesque stack. I did the sensible thing and continued to ignore it until I was actually flying, and then I put them all in my suitcase, promising to do the job in the UK and post them all off from there. Much safer, I decided.

I bet it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I repacked after my lovely week in the UK, (into a new suitcase remember) and I hadn’t touched the intimidating pile of forms, so I brought them all back to Bangkok again.

So yesterday, much against my desires, I did the whole lot. Oh my god, I really wanted to launch myself out the window. But now it’s done.


And really, the only thing I’ve got to do now (apart from my website report, which is … uhm, a bit like not being able to answer the exam question, and having to make it all up) I’ve got to do my plotting chart with all the post it notes.

No more excuses.

Gotta get on with it.

Gonna go and do it … now.



Jon M said...

Remember: Procrastination is the thief of time!
Love that saying...will write it out 100 times rather than do any work!

Jen said...

Ooh, don't forget about me when you're here - I'll email you my number!!

Ugh, forms. Yuck. Would rather be writing!!

JJ said...

Tomorrow my day is free. I WILL do my plotting... I will. I won't dare show my face here again if I don't!

Jen, hadn't forgotten, will email you tomorrow with definite dates I'm in Kent!

Rebecca said...

doesn't sound relaxing but sounds exciting!

I am THE master of procrastination. I can spend entire days on the net, reading blogs, looking up 'first book-sale stories'...dreaming of my future as a major novelist.....if only I could get a word or two on paper...

sheepish said...

Where in France? And I have Olympic gold for procrastination, which is what I'm doing now because I should be writing!!!!!!!!!! Have a good trip even if it does sound exhausting.

JJ said...

Rebecca, Oh it's tough isn't it? Is it harder still with the second books?

Hi Sheepish, Tonquedec, Brittany. My knowledge of the geography of France is terrible. Where are you? How far is it?

Caroline said...

Have fun have fun!

I'm going away a week tomorrow. Hope to catch up on your plotting on my return ... ;-)


JJ said...

Oh lord, Caroline... I'll still be plotting when you get back! I'm toying with never showing my face again... Have a lovely time.