Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pinch and a punch ....

This seems like a good date to start afresh.

I’ve been worrying about if I’m telling the right story. I think I am, but I’ve stalled somewhat. Readers will know that I’ve cut about 16,000 words from my WIP because I’d lost my way. Despite turning my map upside down and sideways, I’m still stalled.

But… I’ve had a think and I’ve read (am reading) ‘Wannabe a Writer?’ and I’m going to try and plot visually, because that’s the kind of head I’ve got. So I’ve been out and bought some Post-It notes, and a big piece of card, and I’m going to attempt to put in what I know, and plan what I’m unclear about.

I shall let you know how I get on.


Jon M said...

I've written on my index cards but haven't spread them out on the floor yet...still writing though, through the sniffles!

JJ said...

Ahh, good on you. I'm just going out buying alternative ways to do what I'm avoiding doing all along. I hope something works...

Jen said...

When you discover the secret of un-stuckedness, you will let me know, won't you?


JJ said...

I will Jen. And if you get there before me, don't forget me either.

Carol and Chris said...

Well - Good luck to all of you!!

C x

A. Writer said...

Good luck and good idea. Might try it out! But I'm like Jen if you do discover the secret of unstuckedness please let me know too???

High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

When you were a teen, did you have a wall-sized revision chart on which you spent more time than the ensuing revision?
When I'm trying to avoid marking, I make wall displays. I call it Displays-ment activity.
Have fun with all that gorgeous stationery.

Jon M said...

Oh No, I spent yesterday afternoon setting my plot out on flip chart apaer which is stuck to the wall...High Priestess has rumbled me!

Rebecca said...

blerk - I know exactly how you feel! When and if you discover the secret of course you'll let everyone know and write a book about it and make millions!

JJ said...

Hi all,
Well, frankly, I like Rebecca's idea best of all: if I discover the secret of unstuckness, write all about it and make a fortune! Yup, that's the way to go.

C, thank you.

A.Writer, see above...maybe, eh?

HPoP, well, Duh, of course I did.

Jon, I know she's so clever, she always catches me out!

Rebecca, marvellous idea. Well done.

CTaylor said...
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CTaylor said...

I think writers block happens mostly because you don't know what's going to happen next or you don't believe in what think should happen next.

I'm stumbling over the ending of my novel a bit and couldn't work out why (as I've got so few words left to write) and then realised it was because I didn't believe in the scenes I was about to write.

I gave myself a bit of space and stopped writing..tried to clear my brain. The scenes I was about to write were wrong but what were the right scenes? I couldn't come up with an answer so gave myself permission not to worry about them.

Then, on the train the other day, an idea for a new scene presented itself and I visualised it - watched the characters moving, talking - and knew it was much better than what I'd previously planned for that scene. And now I'm itching to get writing again.

Use the cards - plot out your scenes - even if you're not sure about them yet. Then sit back and let yourself daydream...if it won't come don't force it... visualise the next couple of scenes you're due to write and listen to the characters. Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it feel right? If it does write those scenes, then pause and do it again for the next few.

Worked for me! (but everyone works differently)

p.s. deleted my previous post because of typos. It basically said the same as this one.

JJ said...

Cally, thanks for your reassurance. You're right of course, and I am very grateful for my subconscious and the input it gives me. I'm going to try to do the plotting on a board (Wannabe a Writer advice) because I do have a visual mind and I think it might help. What appears to be stopping me at the moment is the fact that I really don't know where I'm going next... I'm slightly alarmed too, by the the idea I have no idea of the ending, but I gather some writers work this way, so I'm trying not to worry about that.