Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just stepped out of the sa-lo-n

Yesterday I had my hair cut.

I had a LOT cut off. From just above my belly button to above my shoulders. It’s too hot here to wear it long so usually it’s always twisted into a pleat with a sort of firework of curls appearing out of the top of my head.

When I told Daughter I was planning to have it all cut off she asked me what style. I said ‘you know that black and white picture of me at Nanny and Granddad Kent’s, with my hair in a bob? I thought I’d do that again.’

‘Oh Mum,’ she said ‘you are so pretty in that picture.’

‘Mmmm, thanks, darling, but I was 17 in that picture: having my hair cut like that isn’t going to change the face in the middle of the hair do. Sadly, I’m still going to look like I do now, but with shorter hair.’

I didn’t point out that I fancied the pants of the photographer and was doing an outrageous ‘take me to bed’ face (indidentally, the photographer did offer, and I turned him down … foooooool.)

I’d love to say that like A.Writer’s post about her swishy hair cut, I too look like I’ve just stepped out of the salon. I’d be delighted to report that any more whooshy head movements would result in a trip to the chiropractor. I’d love to announce that my hair is glossy, shiny and lustrous, but sadly I fit more into the Hagrid hair type, and I look more like I’ve just stepped out the back of a thorny bush and into a wild wind.

Oh well, you just can’t have everything, can you?
Mind you I’d’ve just settled for straight hair…


Jen said...

Blimey, that's an incredibly brave thing to do! Does your head feel all wiggly and light now, as if it's going to fall off?

liz fenwick said...

We always want what we don't have.... Were you lighter on the scales??? Losing all that hair....just a thought :-)

Carol and Chris said...

I'm sure it looks great and can't wait to see it!!

C x

JJ said...

I tell you what, Jen, the back of my neck is perpetually itchy where the hair ends!

Damn it, Liz, i should've been!

Carol, I hope it looks okay, though there is a strange bit at the side I'm worried about. I may have to go back...

A. Writer said...

Wow! That's a big step getting all that hair cut off! It's a great feeling once it's all gone,isn't it?

Sadly, my salon hair do didn't last long... as soon as I tried to recreate the same affect, I looked like I'd licked my finger and stuck in a socket.

Is big hair fashionable these days???

Angie said...

It must feel so nice to have it shorter though...I just cut mine for summer too and although (like A.Writer's) I can't reproduce the hair dresser's style, it feels lighter.